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PiercingMetal Spotlights: Judas Priest

For as long as I can remember, I have maintained that in my status as a Heavy Metal and Hard Rock fan that my own “Big Three” favorites were KISS, Van Halen and Judas Priest. Over the years I have of course come to appreciate and enjoy a wider variety of acts for the genre because there are so many amazing groups out there, but this list and its ranking has rarely veered off course. If memory serves me correctly, I first heard the band in High School about a thousand years ago (give or take) and the album of note at the time was “Hell Bent For Leather”. Wait, I am wrong in this assumption – the album that I FIRST heard by the band would the live recording of “Unleashed In The East”, and was the album that captured the band in action while on tour to support “HBFL”. I had never heard anything like the vocals of Rob Halford and the twin guitar wizardry of Downing and Tipton and when you put all this together with the powerful drumming of Les Binks I could safely admit that I was a fan from that moment on. From this defining moment I would try my own hand at some of the drum parts, look into the bands back catalog and even become the town crier who hoped to convince other Metal fans to rally behind me in the bands cause. Good times to say the least.

Logo - Judas Priest
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PiercingMetal Spotlights: Kamelot

Logo - Kamelot

I admit that I didn’t know too much about Kamelot when I first walked into a gig at B.B. King Blues Club to see them back in 2005 but since that night I have made up for lost time as best as possible and the band became one of my very favorite providers of Melodic Power Metal. I found them musically wonderful and felt that there was a sincerity about the way they did their thing that spoke to their fans again and again. I was still relatively new to the music scribe game back then but I have covered the live adventures of Kamelot whenever they returned to NYC, reviewed a number of their releases and even spoken at length to some of their members on the site and you can find it all by clicking the link below. It will launch a search query of the band on the site which we hope you will enjoy. You’ll also find articles where the band contributed thoughts. If you are not all that familiar with them then I will repeat what I told a friend of mine who eventually joined me for a gig as I looked him in the eye and said “trust me on this one”. He did and has been a fan ever since.
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Re-Introducing PiercingMetal’s “Artist Spotlight” Feature

Image - Spotlights

As loyal followers of the site are well aware, the Main Page of PiercingMetal.com offered the readers the opportunity to check out who we felt was the appropriate “Artist Of The Month” at a specific time. The section sat on top of the most recently added batch of reviews and when selected the reader would execute a search query that would run against all of the review content on the site and present them with anything that had been written about said artist on a page of its own. We also presented some light commentary of our own for good measure. The resulting list allowed them to pick and choose what they wanted to absorb about the artists CD or DVD releases as well as any Interview or Concert coverage we had done for them. It worked well but the downside of this became clear almost immediately based on the reality that one could have several hundred reviews on a site for a number of different artists but only a brief amount of content for each individual. That made the region problematic and often unmaintained since our core reason for being a site was to add reviews of whomever we could wrap thoughts around and whose releases we were entrusted to present a narrative on for the readers as opposed to worrying about a monthly artist change. We liked having this on the site of course but in the end it became something that looked better on paper than in actual reality and even though reviews were added regularly you would seldom reach an acceptable amount to have a special page devoted to the particular artist. The other downside was the fact that there was no historical recap of it based on the way that the site flowed and this fact got me thinking about some changes.

The first change would be to modify the title a little bit and take “Artist Of The Month” and refer to it as “Artist Focus” going forward because this would allow for a little less scheduling worry.   It’s often been said that the minute you put either “monthly” or “weekly” into a title, then you are saddled with trying to do it again and again and it really becomes difficult to do so when you are doing so many other important things for your site or magazine.  We then realized that it should be moved over to the Musings Blog as this would give us a little more room to play with the topic than the main website did based on the design constraints.  Using blog posts would also allow the ability for us to keep the historical selections in place a little easier and the chance to now add in something extra by also using links for the specific artist that had been taken from our no longer new Gallery section.  We are going to re-present all of the previous entries for the readers for posterity and then shall move from there as time allows us to do so. We had originally selected Chris Caffery, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, HIM, Judas Priest and Motorhead for the AOTM section and pretty much left it at that based on being too consumed with our other adventures.   The plan is to load in each of these past entries over the coming months and by doing so will get the historical archive that I have wanted for a long, long time.  The other upside about using Blog entries for this is that the readers can now offer up comments on the choice and add their own views to the mix.  We really look forward to the interaction with the readers of the site if they choose to take action.

*** UPDATE *** (8/1/2014): With PiercingMetal.com now using WordPress for the full on presentation of its original core site and the side blog, much of what was explained here will not matter to newer readers. All of our once referred to “Artist Of The Month” features can now be found under the “Artist Spotlight” option in our “Features” Category. This original posting has been left as a part of the sites body of work for historical purposes. Thank you.