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Testament @ Sirius Satellite Radio Studios (8/2009)

Metal Loyalists of the world don’t need me to educate them about the importance or relevance to the genre when it comes to Testament.  The proof is in the pudding they might say when it comes to the extensive body of work that has always managed to not only stay true to the band’s original vibe, but also managed to continue to raise their own personal bar and inspire any Metal fan and band who wisely choose to listen to them.  PiercingMetal.com had been keeping up with the adventures of the band since the reunion of the original lineup and how the crushed the senses with numerous live appearances on events like the Metal Masters tour and the appearance with Children Of Bodom as they continued to support the stunning “Formation Of Damnation” CD that came courtesy of Nuclear Blast Records.   Moving like a freight train on greased tracks, the adventure continues and brings us to this evenings most stellar of events.

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