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“Walk Among Us” by Misfits

Artist: Misfits
Title: Walk Among Us
Label: Ruby/Slash Records
Release Date: March, 1982
Genre: Horror Punk
Rating: 5/5 (Hell, if it were up to me it’s get a 9/5)

Back in the days before he fell totally in love with his own perceived awesomeness and launched his turgid solo act, Glenn Danzig fronted one of the finest and most unique of the American Punk bands, namely the Misfits (1977-1983), proof that not everything about New Jersey has to suck. When it comes to what would later ludicrously be dubbed “Horror Core,” there existed no better exponent of a genre that drew inspiration from horror movie culture, cheesy sci-fi flicks, and serial murder, and considering how far reaching the Misfits’ baleful influence proved to be over the three decades since their first recordings, their DIY legacy is even more impressive in retrospect. Possessed (pun intended) of the simplest of drum techniques — basically a “whomp-whack” that would have been at home on many early rockabilly tunes, unless sped up for the moshier numbers — a three chord buzz saw sound on guitar, and Danzig’s unmistakable vocals (simultaneously melodic as Hell and rather intentionally goofy/silly, depending on the song), the Misfits defined the genre they helped create, and their output sounds as fresh today as it did when first experienced.
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