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“Snorts Of Sorrow” (Single) by Pugtopsy

Artist: Pugtopsy
Title: “Snorts Of Sorrow” (Single)
Label: Artery Recordings
Release Date: 3/31/2017
Rating: 3.5/5

It’s April Fool’s Day today and that means when it comes to pretty much everything that you should approach it with a slight level of scrutiny. Considering I’ve read about dozens of band reunions, breakups and otherwise implausible circumstances today I think that it’s for your best sanity. Now, with that said let me tell you about the band Pugtopsy who I am just hearing about today and if the name is new to you as well let me inform you that the lead singer is a Pug dog named Pupcake as its lead singer/growler. They’ve recently released a brand new single called “Snorts Of Sorrow” and I guess you’re waiting for me to say “April Fool” but that is not coming at all my fiends since this is a real deal thing.
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Attila Announces Headlining Run with “The Chaos Tour”

Touring announcements for the Fall are steadily rolling in and now its time to share the one that came from those folks behind the mix for the band Attila who will bring us deep into “The Chaos Tour”. Check out the official low down beneath the poster along with the tour dates and then I will close up with additional thoughts.

Tour - Attila - The Chaos Tour 2016

The Press Release:

It’s time to party and for a little chaos!. ATTILA will embark on a headline tour this fall in support of their upcoming new album CHAOS, also due out this fall via SharpTone Records. The new album was produced by Erik Ron. More details about Chaos will be revealed shortly. So consider this your fair warning! Support acts for The Noise Presents The Chaos Tour will be announced soon, as well. Watch this space for more details. The VIP pre-sale starts today, Monday, August 1, at 10am ET. The public on-sale is set for Friday, August 5 at 10am local time. The band also has five dates booked for Ontario, Canada in early August.
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Win A Ticket To See Unlocking The Truth @ The Studio on 9/24/2014

UTT 6 Photo by Phil Knott
UTT 6 Photo by Phil Knott

The Details: The 3 piece band Unlocking The Truth might be a mystery to you if you are one of those fans that comes alive at the midnight hour and that is likely because its already passed these guys bedtime. Yep, I did say bedtime because the three musicians that make up Unlocking The Truth are between thirteen and fourteen years old but that does not stop them from rocking. The guys slid into the public eye by just setting up their gear in front of subway entrances, in parks and on streets around their neighborhood and crunched and rocked until told that they could not do that here. Don’t let their age fool you because these guys know how to Rock and they love the Metal so that is never a bad thing. Now their signed to Artery Recordings which is a division of Razor and Tie Entertainment and thanks to the fine promoters at Excess DB Entertainment, PiercingMetal is going to put our more curious readers into the show for free. Yes I said free and I know you guys love that stuff (I sure know that I do). Read more below to see the requirements for this contest.
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Alesana Brings “The Decade Tour” To 2014

My apologies for getting this one to you dear readers a couple of days after it was first announced but since we like to enhance the Upcoming Tour postings with release links and some additional thoughts to the tour they sometimes take a day or three more to get you. That said, it seems as though the band Alesana will be embarking on what they call “The Decade Tour”; Here is the poster….

Tour - Alesana - 2014

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“Artery Recordings Summer Sampler 2010” by Various Artists

Artist: Various Artists
Title: “Artery Recordings Summer Sampler 2010”
Label: Razor & Tie Entertainment
Release Date: 9/14/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Artery Recordings is a relatively new label imprint that is delivering some power to the Metal scene and you might be wondering if you should pay any attention to what they are offering you as a fan of the genre. You would not be chastised for such a stance based on the incredible amount of bands already active and keeping you entertained on a regular basis. With this in mind, the fine folks over at Artery have decided to give you a ten song sampler that features five of their bands for free. Yes I said free and who doesn’t like this being the case in today’s economy. I admit to being as new to their roster as the next person so I approached this with some level of interest and wondered if I would enjoy or be able to relate some of the acts to ones that I was already listening to. I started my adventures with the two tracks from Attila and these guys had your conventional stop and start breakdowns and reminded me a little bit of a combination of both Unearth and All That Remains. I leaned to their “Girls Don’t Lie” track the most of the two. A Bullet For A Pretty Boy was next on my list and had a lot of the clean melodic vocals that seemed plagued by pain while a dark vocal bookended them. I recommend them for fans of bands like Underoath and perhaps even I Killed The Prom Queen to toss an odd name into the mix. Bury Tomorrow had a lot of similar vibe going on with ABFAPB and its safe to say that if you enjoy one, that you will enjoy the other. Chelsea Grin was not that bad with their two submissions and really was fitting into the Whitechapel way of things if I had to offer the readers some comparison. The vocals in Chelsea Grin were grating on me just a little bit when the singer went into a higher screeching register as opposed to keeping it either dark or making it more melodic. I guess I am getting fussy in my old age. I Declare War closed up my perusal of these downloads and yes I realize that I did them in alphabetical order as opposed to the way that they are on the MP3 download but this was how I-Tunes presented them to me, and will likely be the way that you enjoy them as well. These guys played a lot with the crunching and slow breakdown and I enjoyed how they did this and there are no clean vocals to be found with them, at least on these tunes. They were the most Doomish, and break something in front of you heavy for lack of a better description.
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