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“Season Of Death” by Haunted By Angels

Artist: Haunted By Angels
Title: “Season Of Death”
Label: unsigned
Release Date: unknown
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 7/10

Monroe New York residents Haunted By Angels have proven that the metal scene is not just necessarily city based. Their self-titled CD “Season Of Death” is a great example of these NY Rockers. Led by Singer Jane Evil, they showcase a very Maiden/Priest influenced metal. The group is made up of DJ Breyerton (Bass), Dave Derrig (drums), Art McDermott (guitar), and Andy Wheeler (guitar).

The production is good on the piece, but not always excellent as I felt at times the vocals or guitar overdid the drums or bass too much. I also felt for the quality of drum time that is being kept by Dave that they could have given him a cleaner sound. It makes it sound too demo like for a recording of professional quality. This is not the bands fault. It is my hope that on a potential signing that they will revisit these tunes and get them to have the delivery that was intended.
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