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Exploring NY Comic Con 2015; Day 1 – Part 1

I can hardly believe that its October already but we are here at that time of year once again and one thing that October brings when you live in NYC is the NY Comic Con. Yes my dear readers, NYCC has arrived and taken over the Jacob Javits Center for its 2015 Mega-event. This is a special year for NY Comic Con because it is the 10th year that they are doing it and as you might expect, it sold out very far in advance outside of a few small batches of tickets that were kept for use at another convention and for Midtown Comics. Once again I was fortunate enough to secure the Press Credentials and since these badges look so awesome I am sharing it with you below. They seem to be keeping with “The Walking Dead” show premise and the media badge has Rick Grimes displayed. Check it out before we get started.

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These posts will limit the chit chat unless I deem it necessary and as per my usual practice will feature about fifty photos per narrative for each respective days focus. It’s easier for you to visually digest and lets the parties presented find themselves better. Now as I’d mentioned, this years event was the 10th for the NY Comic Con and my oh my how it has grown. Personally speaking, I come from an era where if you told friends that you were going to the comic convention they would look at you like you had three heads. Today its grown so far beyond comics it will stagger the imagination. These giant logo standups were positioned all around the Javits Center in honor of the milestone. Smart Cosplayers made sure to do shoots in front of them.

new york comic con, nycc 2015, new york comic con 2015
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