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“31:13” by Cardinale

Artist: Cardinale
Title: “31:13”
Label: Arclight Records
Release Date: 7/10/2007
Genre: Doom/Stoner Metal
Rating: 3/5

Every so often you come across a release that when you first heard it, for whatever reason, it just didn’t make much sense to your musical ears and then after some time and a closer revisiting end up winning you over like it had hoped to do with its very first spin. Such was the case when I found this CD in my pile of that which was meant to be addressed at a future date and while the album “31:13” by Cardinale might bear a curious name, its all the more interesting to discover that the title is also the sole track recorded for the album and guess what…it runs at a whopping 31 minutes and 13 seconds. You’re probably curious as to what kind of music would be on a recording like this because no one records thirty minute songs unless they are Dream Theatre these days and in all honesty I can tell you that a number of the Doom and Sludge bands of the world are taking this long to get their points across every now and again. The interesting thing about Cardinale, who hail from Austin, TX, is that on this debut they give us a number of different genre styles and make the recording something of an anomaly for this lengthy a track. There is slight progressive groove amidst the Doom but also some psychedelic flair and even perhaps just a taste of the more modern Metal feels. Followers of the Doom Metal bands of note might key into this one and “get it” from the moment it begins, but for me it took a little longer and in some sense I am glad because I can appreciate it a little better now.
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