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Out Now: “Archie Meets Ramones” by Archie Comics

The scuttlebutt about this particular comic team-up was discussed on many of the geek websites a few months ago but I decided to wait until I held a copy of this in my hands to give you my impression of it, and its also now on the stands for immediate purchase. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you “Archie Meets Ramones”!!!! Check out the cover art and the overall premise from the Archie Comics website below.

archie meets ramones, archie comics

“Hey! Ho! Let’s go! America’s favorite teens cross paths with the original NYC punks in this extra-sized one-shot spectacular that is not to be missed!

When the Archies tank at the Riverdale High Battle of the Bands, a magical twist of fate sends them hurtling into the past—and face-to-face with none other than the Ramones! Can the legendary punks get the Archies to realize their own rock ‘n’ roll potential and find their way home? Probably not—but it’ll be a blitzkrieg bop of a journey, as the two bands bounce from 53rd and 3rd to Rockaway Beach in this must-read crossover from the writers of the best-selling Archie Meets KISS and We Can Never Go Home Volume 1 with jaw-droppingly beautiful art from Gisele Lagace (“Occupy Riverdale”)!”

archie meets ramones, archie comics
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