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Mattel Reveals The “Justice League” 6″ Action Figures

Now that “Wonder Woman” is kicking some behind in the box office, the attention is starting to build up for the Late Fall opening “Justice League” film. With this being the case the toys are going to start coming as well, and Mattel has just recently unveiled their first group of action figures that is based on the film. Let’s take a look at them with the official images.

mattel, justice league, action figures

mattel, justice league, action figures
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Warner Brothers Pictures Reveal “Justice League” Official Trailer

The other day, Warner Brothers Pictures delivered “5” little snippet trailers for the upcoming “Justice League” live-action film and it was all to lead us into today’s big reveal of the full on Official Trailer for the movie. The choice of date was interesting as today is the one year anniversary of the much maligned “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” film, and I offered up my thoughts about the feature on THIS LINK. Now please enjoy the Official Trailer, the casting and even the teaser poster and then I’ll return with some personal opinion on it.

The Synopsis: Months after the events of Batman v Superman and inspired by Superman’s sacrifice for humanity, Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince assemble a team of metahumans – The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg – to face the catastrophic threat of Steppenwolf and the Parademons who are on the hunt for three Mother Boxes on Earth.
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Warner Brothers Pictures Says “Unite The League” w Five “Justice League” Teasers

Yesterday, the fine folks at Warner Brothers Pictures began releasing these snippet’s for the upcoming Fall live-action feature “Justice League”. The film continues the goings on that we got in “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice” which I reviewed on THIS LINK. Since the clips are barely even a half a minute in length, I decided to wait until we had each one of them, so here is the Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash and Cyborg teaser “trailer”. “Unite The League”…..

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Check The Footage: Warner Brothers Pictures “Justice League” From SDCC

Logo - Justice League Movie

The San Diego Comic Con is in full sway as you read this and when this convention happens I find myself busy tossing together posts about trailers for upcoming films or the skimpiest of teaser clips. This next reveal didn’t seem to be so much of a teaser or trailer but instead is a handful of actual footage scenes for the 2017 film “Justice League”. “Justice League” follows both “Suicide Squad” and “Wonder Woman” (the latter which will precede it by a couple of months) and be a direct continuation of what we saw happening in “Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice”. Check it out.

PiercingMetal Thoughts: I’m going to have to say that this at least does look promising and will not be as sterile or morose as most of us found “BVS”. I enjoyed what we saw in the “Wonder Woman” trailer that I presented here earlier and I do have some high hopes for the soon to be opening “Suicide Squad”. Perhaps this DC Extended Universe is finally finding its legs and will begin to bring us these awesome heroes on a regular basis. Both Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot will reprise the roles that they had in “BVS”. So tell me dear geeks, what do you think of this trailer? The comments are open for you to speak your mind.

Official Wiki: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Justice_League_(2017_film)

DC Comics First Issues + Coming March 2016

Wow. Can you believe we are in March already? This 2016 year is playing no games in terms of the speed that its passing us by and while I often refer to the month as “March Metal Madness” for the heavy music stuff I guess I am going to start citing this as “March Media Madness” for the films and comic book postings like this one. That being said, let’s get to examining the offerings from DC Comics. Historically speaking about these posts, I’ve locked into only presenting those first issues coming out but with this month we have to pay some attention to the fact that the remaining titles that fell under “The New 52” labelling are reaching their 50th issue this month. Those covers and premise from the DC media desk are presented for your shopping ease. Let’s go.

comic book covers, dc comics, dc comics first issues
“Legends Of Tomorrow” #1

LEGENDS OF TOMORROW #1: It’s four powerhouse tales in one colossal comic, as some of comics’ most legendary talents launch new tales of Firestorm, Metamorpho, Metal Men and Sugar and Spike—that’s right, Sugar and Spike! Main Cover by Aaron Lopresti

FIRESTORM: Firestorm is back! To save Jason Rausch, Firestorm will need to retrieve Danton Black’s stolen research from Professor Stein’s lab. But if Jason can’t fuse with Ronnie by the Firestorm Protocol…who can? Written by Gerry Conway, Art by Eduardo Pansica and Rob Hunter

METAL MEN: Doctor Will Magnus’ Metal Men may be the next step in robotics technology, but when the mysterious cyber-terrorist known only as Nameless comes after them, they may have met their match! Written by Len Wein, Art by Yildiray Cinar and Trevor Scott

METAMORPHO: Metamorpho—a prisoner of millionaire industrialist Simon Stagg! Now, the only person who can save him is Stagg’s beautiful daughter, Sapphire!? But can they defeat Stagg’s prehistoric bodyguard, Java? Written by Aaron Lopresti, Art by Aaron Lopresti with Matt Banning

SUGAR & SPIKE: The last time we saw Sugar and Spike, they were still in diapers! Now, they’re grown up, and they’ve become private investigators who specialize in cleaning up embarrassing problems for the DCU’s greatest heroes. Sugar & Spike’s first assignment: retrieve a cache of Batman’s retired costumes that have been stolen by Killer Moth! Written by Keith Giffen, Art by Bilquis Evely.
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