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April Fooling The Hard Rock Fans In 2014

Hey there my friends, and welcome to “April Fool’s Day” 2014;  So rather than get fake posts up about band reunions that didn’t happen or insane statements that were never said by certain musicians about certain topics I figured that I would take some real life observed absurdity and share it with you.   So what am I talking about here you might be wondering. Well, the other day I wandered into a neighborhood Best Buy as I had a couple of gift cards to use and there were some Metal releases that I wanted to add to my collection.  These days the media servicing that we get at the PiercingMetal Command HQ is primarily digital so getting a good old fashioned CD from folks is a thing of the past.  That being said I headed over to the “Rock” section because the store does not have a “Heavy Metal” section of its own and that surprises me a little since there are both “Rap” and “R&B” sections in the place. Sometimes the “Rap” sections even say “Hip Hop” but there’s no delineation on “Metal” section and yet they do have some Metal releases.  Many of the Metal issues are listed as being “Hard Rock” and here are some of my picks for these coupons.  Clearly Metal and no where near Hard Rock.  Case in point the latest from Immolation.  Brutalizing Death Metal for sure.

Immolation’s “Kingdom of Conspiracy” (Nuclear Blast Records)

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