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“Finally Free” (Single) by Stitched Up Heart

Artist: Stitched Up Heart
Title: “Finally Free” (Single)
Label: Another Century
Release Date: 10/1/2015
Genre: Melodic Hard Rock/Metal
Rating: 4/5

It’s been a long time since I’ve sat down to listen to music from the California based Stitched Up Heart who I’ve not done any sort of review of since my post about the “EP” that I enjoyed over on THIS LINK. Since I recently shared the bands brand new video with you in another post, I’ve opted to give another listen to the single and direct you readers to a purchasing medium. In my quick narrative about the video I said how the band seemed to have gone through a musical transition and showcases some clear sonic growth from that punkier, edgier stuff of old. I don’t mind the change at all and one of the clearest changes comes with singer Mixi who drops the growling and screaming on this number and instead lets a soaring register come to light. Its good stuff.
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Stitched Up Heart Are “Finally Free” In New Video

Logo - Stitched Up Heart

I’ve been a bit of a behind the scenes fan of the band Stitched Up Heart for a couple of years now based on my true enjoyment of their musical output that I first heard on their self-titled EP which was reviewed on the PiercingMetal website HERE. While that has been on the site for awhile and I truly need to add more of their works to the review database this single few tunes easily brings you into their world and with my seeing the band at long last in concert on Sunday, I wanted to share their recently released video “Finally Free” with the Metal Masses. Check it out below and then we can banter a little bit.

Official Press:
“STITCHED UP HEART have forged their path in sheer passion and earned their keep in physicality and volume. Both on the road and in the studio, frontwoman Mixi and the Los Angeles-based quintet face 2016 and their forthcoming Another Century debut with brazen confidence. “Finally Free” is the clarion call for the band’s day of reckoning. Recorded by producer Mitch Marlow and captured on video by director Ron Underwood (also known as the high-flying frontman for labelmates, 9ELECTRIC), “Finally Free” delivers on the promise hinted at on their self-released EP, Skeleton Key. Stitched Up Heart’s days of self-booked national van tours and Mixi being a Revolver “Hottest Chicks” mainstay was merely the beginning. Driven by a new level of sonic confidence and topped with the frontwoman’s soaring vocal verve, it’s the sound of a band unapologetically coming into its own”.
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