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“Untitled” by Forgotten Fable

Artist: Forgotten Fable
Title: “Untitled”
Label: Grizzly Music
Release Date: 2/10/2010
Genre: Heavy Metal/Alt-Metal
Rating: 4.25/5

Every now and again the Underground Face of Heavy Metal rises to the top and showcases a presentation that makes you wonder why more people are not listening to or paying attention to the groups at this level. Forgotten Fable is one of those bands that has a lot to say against the ills that haunt us in the world and while the subject matter of the songs found on their “Untitled” debut album are not for the feint of heart, the material and musicianship is a strong punch to the Metal psyche. The band is fronted by the dynamic and somewhat mysterious Andrew Taylor who originally hailed from the Christian Metal band Prone. I’ll admit that I never heard their stuff before and had to wonder if some of the belief structure he kept in such a band helped form the presence and position that he would take with Forgotten Fable. The band defines their name as “a story of morals that have been set aside or ignored for our own desires” and that alone is a pretty heavy idea to absorb. Believe me the material that is on this “Untitled” album is no less intense.
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