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“Holy Hell” by Rob Rock

Artist: Rob Rock
Title: “Holy Hell”
Label: Candlelight Records
Release Date: 9/20/2005
Genre: Melodic Power Metal
Rating: 8/10

Ever since the recording of “M.A.R.S. Project Driver” Rob Rock has proven that he is one of the greatest vocal powers in Metal and Hard Rock music. I found his newest album “Holy Hell” to be right up my alley because with Rob being so well-versed in the genre he pretty much knows what will work and what will not. The album lyrically showcases a lot of Good Vs. Evil themes and in songs like “Slayer Of Souls” and “Calling Angels” you might find yourself thinking that this is a Christian album. A little research further found me discovering that this was not the case and instead was Rob using two powerful themes to better illustrate his point. The second that the album begins the level of production by Roy Z. (Halford, Dickinson) hits you in the face with its Metal clarity. “Calling Angels” and “Holy Hell” both have those raise your fist in the air choruses and should be excellent live performance tunes. The album is full of solid tracks such as “I’m A Warrior” for which a Z produced video also exists. If you are a fan of good Power Metal that holds a strong sense of Melody than this is for you. There is nothing crazy or confusing going on and I felt Rob and the band did a really great job on it. The tunes reference above were my favorites as well as “The Revelation” which had such a classic 80’s Metal feel to it. Overall I was impressed but not too crazy about the slow “I’ll Be Waiting For You”, it has a nice sound but I felt Rob has better slow tunes in his mind. However, the closer of “Move On” was indeed a great way to end the record and since I always have a soft spot for the well-written Metal Power ballad I just loved this one.
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