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“Hate Yourself With Style” by Clawfinger

Artist: Clawfinger
Title: “Hate Yourself With Style”
Label: Nuclear Blast Records
Release Date: 11/18/2005
Genre: Rap/Thrash Metal
Rating: 3.5/5

Rap influenced Metal is usually held strong over the fire these days and rightly so if it follows in the footsteps of rubbish like Limp Bizkit. However when it comes to the guys in Clawfinger it clearly merits a second or third listen before you simply dismiss it as more of a tired aspect of the Metal genre. The band is Swedish and was actually formed in 1988 and while they do possess some Rap overtones in the way that the lyrics flow, there is also a larger presence of Old School Thrash mixed with the conventional Metal poundings of today. Lyrically the band chooses to tackle issues like homophobia and sexism and one can find what they feel about the topics in songs like “The Faggot In You” and “Right To Rape” – its content that is definitely more socially aware than a band that sings about doing it all for the nookie or breaking stuff. The music is pretty heavy throughout and this is where I think they will keep the everyday Metal head pleased and with some of the vocals by Zak Tell sounding slightly like Corey Taylor of Slipknot there is also a chance that their fan base might enjoy some of what is happening here. There is a really heavy overtone of the US branded Nu-Metal in this group and it surprised me that they were actually Swedish. It really sounds nothing like that which has been coming out of the region in as far as Gothenburg or Melodic Power Metal. To be honest I have never really enjoyed the fact that rapping made its way into Heavy Metal music but these guys don’t overuse it with this, their sixth actual release and first for Nuclear Blast Records. Yet when the title track of “HYWS” began I found myself feeling the need to mosh but opted to keep typing the review instead. There were a couple of points where they reminded me of some other groups as I found some Faith No More around the album as well as some Candlebox at one point and while this is probably just my imagination it is not meant as an insult to what the guys were doing here. “The Best And The Worst” reminded me of that latter bands signature tune and it’s never bad when a group reminds you of a song you like.
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