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Volbeat @ Gramercy Theatre (8/13/2010)

Logo - Volbeat

Artist: Volbeat
Venue: Gramercy Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Dommin, The Sleeping
Date: 8/20/2010
Label: Frontiers Records

I remember clearly when the publicist that was working on the album “Guitar Gangsters & Cadillac Blood” contacted me about the band Volbeat. She was so passionate about the bands sound and was confident that by submitting it to me that she would make me an instant fan. I cannot say that she was 100% correct because at first I had rushed through my listen and didn’t properly absorb it the way that I did on the second, third and fourth go round. Needless to say I greatly enjoyed the bands “difference” and felt that they would be something interesting to see in concert. I was able to see them open up for Nightwish a few years ago, and then had hoped to catch them doing the same for Metallica at Madison Square Garden, but the papers were not in order for me to do so and hence I would miss them. It was a shame because I really would have liked to support them on such a big stage. That being said I knew the band was building a rapidly growing following and it was great to see this taking place especially when one considered they really didn’t have a consistent “presence” over in this region as opposed to their homeland in Denmark. Fast forward a number of months to where we are today for this sold out show at the Gramercy Theatre we would find the band returning to NYC and bringing along both Dommin and The Sleeping for the tour. Since I was not sure who was up first, I made sure to arrive early to not miss anything. Here is how it went.
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Volbeat: Live Photos @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (5/2/2009)

Logo - Volbeat

Volbeat was providing direct support for the mighty Nightwish who were at long last performing again in NYC. That show was discussed in full on THIS LINK so please check it out when you can. Now its time to enjoy the full gallery of shots done during the permitted time of the Volbeat set.

volbeat, volbeat concert photos
Volbeat by Ken Pierce (2009)

volbeat, volbeat concert photos
Volbeat by Ken Pierce (2009)

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Nightwish @ Nokia Theatre Times Square (5/2/2009)

Logo - Nightwish

Artist: Nightwish
Venue: Nokia Theatre (New York, NY)
Opener: Volbeat
Date: 5/2/2009
Label: Roadrunner Records

Last September the Big Apple was excited to find Nightwish making a return visit once again to close out the touring cycle in this part of the world for their release “Dark Passion Play”. The band was storming the country with fellow Finns Sonata Arctica but sadly a bad illness would hit their singer Anette and the New York show would be cancelled much to the disappointment of the fans. The show must go on was the mantra of the night as the guys in Sonata Arctica delivered an absolutely stunning set for those who chose to remain in the venue for the now free performance. We were glad to be there for it and more can be learned about that particular show by clicking HERE. Fast forward to this evening’s proceedings and a once again healthy Anette Olzon fronts her companions in Nightwish for a sold out Nokia Theatre Times Square appearance. The strange thing was that the city had been hit with a number of cases of the Swine Flu recently and resultant of this breaking news I would not be the only one on edge as I walked into a jam packed venue loaded with some two thousand plus people. Nightwish would bring the Danish rockers Volbeat along for this tour and they were an interesting choice based on the vastly different type of music that they would be delivering.

volbeat, volbeat concert photos
Volbeat by Ken Pierce (2009)

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