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“Z-Rock: Season 2” by ZO2

Artist: ZO2
Title: “Z-Rock: Season 2”
Label: Anchor Bay
Release Date: 6/8/2010
Genre: Comedy/Rock Reality
Rating: 3/5

Picking up from what appeared to be only a few months later than when our first season of “Z-Rock” ended, we find the fabulous Z Brothers getting back together and trying their hand at Rock and Roll stardom for the second time. A lot had transpired during the first season as well and while the band came close to a deal it never ended up panning out. Such is the life of a Rock and Roll band and all you can do is pick up the pieces along with your instruments and press on as best as possible. With Season Two we find the premise remaining largely the same as their manager Dina (played by Lynn Koplitz) and Neil (played by Jay Oakerson). There is a little of everything that one expects in a show like this and it felt like they were going for the laughs a little more this time around and moving farther away from the “reality” aspect. I felt this way after a couple of the more ridiculous situations that the band found themselves in such as the wrestling episode and the political rally episode. Yes these things could actually happen but there was much more on the slapstick side but I guess that is alright since I had already mentioned that I viewed this as a more mature, modern day type of “The Monkees”. Across the season the band encounters Steel Panther, Chris Jericho and Mini-KISS while Dave Navarro, John Popper, Dee Snider, and Joan Rivers make returns and continue to play their real life selves. I think that I would have preferred the real KISS considering ZO2 opened for them in real life.
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Film Review: “Savage Planet”

Title: “Savage Planet”
Genre: Science Fiction/Fantasy
Studio: Anchor Bay Entertainment
Released: 3/14/2008
Rating: 1/5

Well, this one really sounded like it would appeal to me when I popped it in because it was set in the the far away future where Earth is no longer inhabitable and mankind must seek out a new place to continue to prosper and go on.  The film stars Sean Patrick Flannery and Sarah Danielle Madison who folks might remember from Young Indiana Jones and Jurassic Park III respectively but despite the talented actors efforts the script and dialogue are quite lacking when it comes down to it.  The film begins with an exploration team landing on what comes to be called “Planet Oxygen” which appears to be just like an Earth of the past with lush jungles and plenty of resources to help mankind carry on.  There also appears to be some sort of magical element that the planet possesses which comes off as a miracle cure and regenerator but all of these great things come with one deadly pitfall —— a species of prehistoric cannibalistic bears.
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