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Doro @ Blender Theater at Gramercy (9/8/2009)

Logo - Doro

Artist: Doro
Venue: Gramercy Theater (New York, NY)
Opener: Anaka
Date: 9/8/2009
Label: AFM Records

I’m guessing that it’s been a little over a year and a half since we last saw Doro making an appearance in NYC and if you ask any of the Metal loyalists out there – her visits are always a welcome thing for us to be a part of. Tonight the Metal Queen would be playing at The Gramercy Theatre and do this show with the help of local talent Anaka as her sole opening act. Here’s the scoop on the appearance.

Anaka: Interestingly enough, the band Anaka hails not only from Brooklyn NY, but are in the direct immediate region of PiercingMetal.com HQ and I have periodically seen the members of the group out and about on my coffee jaunts and sometimes at the very normal supermarket near me. Though knowing their name, their sound had yet escaped me but tonight would be my very first time catching them do their thing on the stage and resolve that issue. The crowd was light when they came out but the band had a good level of energy which quickly caught their attention. The band features two siblings in brothers Jimmy and Peter Pallis who handle the vocals and lead guitar respectively and are also the most animated of the bands members. Jimmy spoke to the gathered Metal heads from time to time as the band delivered a Metal sound that at times called to mind a little bit of Metallica riffing along with some of the more Nu-Metal band vibe as well. For the most part I was finding this of appeal but it was missing something that I could not really put my finger on. Maybe it was not catchy enough for me and this was probably because I not only had Doro’s music in my head but also that of EdGuy who was set to play a few blocks down from here tomorrow. I also found a slight issue with the pair of musicians to the left side of stage who just stood in place for the most part. I expect to see a little more life from a band in NYC on any stage they are standing on and since the Doro set is going to be a rollercoaster you need to deliver the goods as the opening act. I did like seeing my own neighborhood representing the Metal side for the audience and I will definitely catch them again if the schedule permits. Good luck dudes. Now it was time for the Queen Of Metal to take the stage and rock the house like only she can.
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