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Slayer @ Roseland Ballroom (10/18/2003)

Logo - Slayer

Artist: Slayer
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Hatebreed, Arch Enemy, Drykill Logic
Date: 10/18/2003
Label: American Records

An Evening In Hell: The Jagermeister Music Tour

This by far was the earliest show I have ever attended. A quick call to the club made me find out that it was going to be “doors open” at 6:45pm, and first band on at 6:55pm. I’ve got to admit that this factor made it really difficult to enjoy the pre-show beer or three. I was still waiting on the entrance line when 6:55 hit and I heard the rumbling sound of what I thought was the Arch Enemy set. I got pissed since I had wanted to see them as much as seeing Slayer once again.
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