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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2011: Chapter Four

Three chapters deep and now welcome to the fourth segment as PiercingMetal continues to wander the Jacob Javits Center for Toy Fair 2011. So far this was a massive feast for the eyes and senses if you were a media representative like Skeleton Pete and I were and while we had thus far seen a bevy of coolness, this particular chapter let’s us show off the music and Metal related things that we saw. With that being the case, please continue along and by all means enjoy the presentation.
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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2011: Chapter Three

Here we are again and while I thanked you readers for hitting us up on the second chapter of this adventure I want to do so once again. As you might recall with our Comic Con coverage, the bigger the event, the better it is to break it up into several chapters so you can easily digest what you saw and not be overloaded. With that being the case here is chapter three of our exploration into Toy Fair 2011. I hope we make you feel as though you wandered the aisles as well.

First up for this chapter are the folks at Mobo which is a three wheeled cruiser. What a wonderful looking thing this is. In one sense it reminded me of the Big Wheel (remember that???) but it’s far different and appears to be for more than just children. If I had sufficient property space around me I would probably see about getting one but I am too deep in the city with limited room for such a fun conveyance. Pete snared a bunch of photos of the different ones and it was a very strong looking thing. Check them out.

toy fair, toy fair 2011
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PiercingMetal Goes To Toy Fair 2011: Chapter Two

Hey there and welcome back. I am so glad that you are choosing to join us as we continue exploring the amazing event known as Toy Fair. Since this is the second chapter in our coverage I’ll keep my introductory thoughts brief and let the images do most of the talking as I wander the halls and corridors of the Jacob Javits Center with our good friend and comrade in arms Skeleton Pete. Let’s get down to business. I’ll start off with a new take on an old and still classic theme. Check out this Ant Farm by Antworks.  I had one of the original ones as a young lad.  Always loved it as it was fascinating to watch them work.  This version seems to offer the ants a better food resource and ability to work their ant magic.

american international toy fair, american international toy fair 2011, toy fair, toy fair 2011
Antworks Ant Farm

If you were feeling the pull of the need for sweets then you needed to look no further than this “Jive Turkey” display.  It was set up with turkey feather lollipops.  Don’t worry, they were NOT turkey flavored confections.

american international toy fair, american international toy fair 2011, toy fair, toy fair 2011
Jive Turkey Display and Lollipops
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Toy Fair 2011 Begins Today!!!

and I am happy to report that I will be one of the approved members of the Internet Press in attendance for this surely amazing affair. You might have heard of it from news reports or industry postings online but not been all too sure about what it actually is and that makes total sense because this event is not open to the public at all. This industry centric function will bring together the toy manufacturers, buyers, retailers and their publicists along with approved members of the media and showcase the latest games, toys, figures and video games. This will be my very first time attending Toy Fair and I cannot contain my excitement about going and being able to report back to the world about what I saw. I’ll be hitting the show with our good friend Skeleton Pete Parrella.

You might be wondering how attending this event even applies to the stuff that we do on the main PiercingMetal website and in some sense there is no correlation at all. However when it comes to the sites blogging aspect and the type of reporting that I am bringing to the table over here it makes absolute sense. After all I’ve been hitting the comic conventions, discussing the illustrated medium and even doing the occasional product review since its inception so the chance to use all of this background and perhaps instill some interest in the up and coming toy and game releases with them among my global readership gives me a lightning bolt of positive energy for the task.

As I expect the coverage to be both in-depth and very comprehensive, I envision myself offering it up in numerous chapter segments much like I have done for the Comic Conventions. I hope you enjoy whatever we bring to your attention. Stay tuned and wish me luck.

Official Website:
Toy Industry Association: http://www.toyassociation.org