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Marvel Comics #1’s Coming In March 2015

Welcome to our Merry Month of March and it looks to be a Marvelous one for sure (cough, cough) and I apologize for the poor attempt at witticism. I’ll keep it light for the duration but for the newbies to the mix you have landed on our presentation of the first issue solicitations that will be hitting the stands from Marvel Comics along with some other items that I feel are quite interesting (trades, ending series notes etc.). As usual the press copy and art come from the fine publicity team at Marvel and then I will close it out with some views of my own. Here we go.

Comic - All-New Hawkeye 1 - 2015

All-New Hawkeye: Hawkeye returns in an all-new series featuring superstar writer Jeff Lemire in his Marvel debut and Eisner Award-winning artist Ramon Perez, as they bring you a fresh new look into the life of everyone’s favorite Avenger. With Kate Bishop, his trusted ward and protégé back at his side (not titles she would use), Team Hawkeye is thrown into an all new adventure spanning two generations of avenging archers. Past and present lives collide as Kate and Clint face a threat that will challenge everything they know about what it means to be Hawkeye. But no one puts Hawkeye in a corner.
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