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Amanda Palmer & Edward Ka-Spel @ Bowery Ballroom

Amanda and Edward will entertain their fans with this show at the BB. Don’t miss it.

The Dresden Dolls @ Ford Ampitheatre at Coney Island Boardwalk

The Dresden Dolls have returned. Dare you miss their performance? I think not.

PiercingMetal Goes To Book Expo America 2014: Part 2

Welcome back to the continued presentation of the findings from Book Expo America 2014. With this second chapter I’m continuing along with the photos from the first day that I attended and also adding the ones from the second day. I figured it better like this since I was not going to be able to attend on the third and final day. With that in mind let’s get this show on the road and check out the super cool Marvel Super-Heroes poster. I had half a mind to grab one of these to hang up in the Metal Command HQ but I decided not to. Great Jack Kirby art though don’t you think?

book expo america, book expo america 2014, bea2014

Here’s a book about “One Hundred Cats and a Fish”. Obviously geared towards the younger readers so parents make some notes about things you see in these pair of narratives as you might have some shopping to do after I am finished.

book expo america, book expo america 2014, bea2014
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“Live At The Roundhouse London” by The Dresden Dolls

Artist: Dresden Dolls
Title: “Live At The Roundhouse London”
Label: Eagle Vision
Release Date: 7/10/2007
Genre: Punk Cabaret Rock
Rating: 4/5

This incredible concert DVD film captures The Dresden Dolls in concert at London’s famous Roundhouse which was is a venue that once hosted amazing events by The Rolling Stones, The Who and many, many more. While closed for a number of years, its re-opening in 2006 found the band being able to deliver their unique enterprise to a sold out audience and deliver music from their existing two albums, the self-titled “Dresden Dolls” and “Yes, Virginia” – its follow up. The very difficult to classify as one particular kind of group, the best way to label them if such a thing is required of you is as “Gothic Punk Art Cabaret Rock” or something along those lines. The band features both Amanda Palmer (keyboards/vocals) and Brian Viglione (drums/vocals/guitar) and while only a duo they manage to make some incredibly powerful music. The show is a rousing piece of entertainment from beginning to end and draws you into the mix from the very first number which is “Sex Changes” from “Yes, Virginia”. The band delivers of number of styles in the sound and sometimes comes off as something you would hear during a Broadway show to something that one might find going on in a seedy downtown Burlesque joint. In the live sense they sound terrific and Palmer is a madwoman behind the keyboards while the drums are pounded often mercilessly by Viglione. He uses a simple four piece kit and that seems to be all that is necessary to bring the power to their tunes. He is a very solid drummer and shows that keeping it straight forward is something to be admired. As a percussionist myself, I loved a lot of the tempos and patterns he was offering up. Palmer on the keyboards comes off as a natural entertainer and she rarely sits still during the performance, often looking like she is going to launch off of the stool that she sits on during the show.
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