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“Almost Unplugged” by Europe

Artist: Europe
Title: “Almost Unplugged”
Label: MVD Audio
Release Date: 4/7/2009
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 4/5

Recorded during the band’s tour for the “Secret Society” album, they decided to do a one-off acoustic show and lucky for all of their fans they made sure to capture it on audio and video for all of us to enjoy. While unplugged albums are no longer something new and have been done to death in the eyes of some music fans, the interesting aspect of how Europe did it was in their decision to not only deliver classics from their older releases alongside their newest material, but also some well considered covers that truly suit them. Joey Tempest shows us that he hasn’t lost a single note of his register as he sings new classics like “Got To Have Faith” from the bands “Start From The Dark” CD and reaches all the way back for gems like “The Final Countdown” and “Memories” that comes from the bands very first release. I must admit that I liked the piece from “Secret Society” in this fashion with “Forever Traveling” much more than I liked it on the original studio recording, and I guess that this was based on my preferring “SFTD” a lot more than the album that was its follow up.
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