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Marvel Comics First Issues Coming In August 2016

Let’s get into the Marvel Comics offerings while we are at the Comic Book Solicitations time of the month. It’s always a fun way to start our coverage for me since I’m a pretty active reader here at the Metal Command HQ. As usual I am presenting the first issue offerings only and not the concurrently running titles. Cover art and premise comes care of the provided stuff from Marvel Entertainment PR and I’ll close up with some additional opinion on them at the close. Here we go.

"Civil War II: Ulysses" #1
“Civil War II: Ulysses” #1

CIVIL WAR II: ULYSSES #1 (OF 3) A CIVIL WAR II PREQUEL! How did Ulysses join the Inhumans? What difficult journey did he have to go through to master his powers?

Al Ewing (W) • Jefte Palo (A) Cover by Francesco Francavilla

"Marvel Tsum Tsum" #1
“Marvel Tsum Tsum” #1

MARVEL TSUM TSUM #1 (of 4): In case you’ve been living under a rock, Tsum Tsums are HUGE! Well, not LITERALLY (they’re actually pretty tiny) but these seemingly cute and cuddly creatures are sweeping the globe! So what happens when these pint-sized piles of fur find their way into the Marvel Universe? After a crate of them falls to Earth en route to THE COLLECTOR, one small group of Brooklyn teenagers will find out! Featuring all of your favorite Marvel heroes and villains, this is sure to be TSUM-thing you won’t want to miss!

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