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“All For One” by Raven

Artist: Raven
Title: “All for One” – Remastered
Label: Spitfire Records
Release Date: 8/8/2000
Genre: Heavy Metal
Rating: 8/10

In the early years of Spitfire Records existence they began to bring back some of Heavy Metal’s most popular releases from some of the world’s most interesting artists. One band who brings back Metal’s early years was Raven and this remaster of “All For One” is a fantastic take on the band. Those who were fans will tell you that this is probably the bands magnum opus or most favored release. The music of Raven was pure and solid and from a time when Heavy Metal was not Hard Rock and still a far cry from some of what would follow in the path (Glam Rock, Thrash Metal, Death Metal etc). The group was made up of the Gallagher Brothers (Mark and John on guitar/vocals and bass) who were supplemented by the maniacal drumming of Rob “Wacko” Hunter. Hunter was most known for his donning of a hockey mask for shows and he also was prone to slamming his head into the drums during performances. Mark Gallagher was a good guitarist by the standards of some others and had a scream that would break glass if you had it too loud. The album itself is full of the best head banging material that one could find from this era in the genre. Among the standout tracks are “All For One”, “Run Silent Run Deep”, and “Mind Over Metal”. It’s incredibly tame by today’s standards of the form but without the early adventurers the artists of today would not have anything to inspire them.
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