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Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein & Alissa White-Gluz @ I Need More Clothing

Making an exclusive appearance at the I Need More NYC Clothing store, it’s Doyle Wolfgang von Frankenstein (Misfits) and Alissa White-Gluz (Arch Enemy) who will sign everything you want signed, take some photos and just say hello. Dare you miss this free to attend event? I don’t think so.

Happy Halloween 2017: Rockers Divulge Their Favorite Horror Films

It’s Halloween and with this post I am giving you a treat that will not promote tooth decay nor lead you to issues with your waistline. In the spirit of my inquiries that featured “Music Resolutions”; I’ve polled a number of Metal and Rock musicians in my world and asked them “What is your favorite Horror movie and why”. So get some popcorn, dim the lights and sit under a cozy blanket as we learn of some awesome talents favorite creepy film. It’s a lengthy list but splitting this one into parts didn’t make sense. Let’s go.

Chris Caffery (Savatage/Trans-Siberian Orchestra): “Halloween”. Because it was the only movie that not only scared me in the theaters it scared me afterwards in real life. In my opinion it’s the best horror film ever made. In the sense of true horror. A real killer. There was no superhuman bs in the first one. Just pure evil.

Gogo Melone (Aeonian Sorrow): From old films was “Dracula”… I really like the atmosphere and as a kid I was a big fan of vampires. The movie that scared my ass off the most and had nightmares for days with, were “The Ring” and “The Exorcism of Emily Rose”…I don’t think I’ll ever see them twice again ??

Jimmy Kunes (Cactus): God there’s so many. “Fearless Vampire Killers”, I know it’s a spoof. But what a film!!!

Elise Ryd (Amaranthe): “The Shining”. Those two kids are the most scary thing I’ve seen. And I don’t like that dude Johnny towards the end. “Here’s Johnny” ? And this is true.. Every time I’m in a hotel with long corridors I expect those kids to show up in the end of the hallway. Haha, that image is haunting me, STILL! It’s Enshrined in my memory.

Archie Kuosmanen (Santa Cruz): Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining because it’s the undisputed heavyweight champion of horror flicks!
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Arch Enemy and Trivium Announce Co-Headlining North American Fall Tour

Wow, talk about a team-up of epic Metal proportions. This is surely some exciting news as Arch Enemy and Trivium will share the stages of North America this fall and decimate for sure. The full press release, poster and dates are below but don’t worry I will return with some closing editorial notes. That’s how we roll over here after all.

The Press Release:
ARCH ENEMY and TRIVIUM are excited to announce plans for a co-headlining tour across North America later this Fall. Featuring support from English metalcore outfit While She Sleeps and New Jersey deathcore act Fit For An Autopsy, the tour will kick off on October 27 in Orlando, FL and make its way across the U.S. and Canada before finishing on December 6 in Houston, TX.

Founding ARCH ENEMY guitarist Michael Amott exclaimed, “Very much looking forward to returning to North America with this tour! We are aware that it has been long overdue and we appreciate everyone’s patience while we’ve been creating our new “Will To Power” album. This run will be like a family reunion with our old friends in Trivium; together we’ll be crushing city after city with the power of Heavy Metal! Good times ahead, don’t miss the fun!”

TRIVIUM further stated, “We’ve been joining forces with Arch Enemy for over a decade now. From Ozzfest 2005, through arenas across the U.K., Europe, and Australia on The Black Crusade. This next chapter is going to be one for the ages: Trivium, Arch Enemy, While She Sleeps, and Fit for an Autopsy!! DO NOT MISS THIS!!”
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“Demons In You” (Single) by Tarja w/Alissa White-Gluz

Artist: Tarja
Title: “Demons In You” (Single) w/Alissa White-Gluz
Label: Earmusic
Release Date: 10/5/2016
Genre: Melodic Metal
Rating: 4/5

You know each of their names from two widely different bands and yet despite those differences there is a unified sense to what both Tarja Turunen and Alissa White-Gluz do when it comes to delivering excellent Hard Rock and Metal music. Earlier this year at the Wacken Open Air Festival, Tarja surprised the fans watching her set by bringing out White-Gluz from Arch Enemy to join her for the number “Demons In You”. It was a guest spot that quickly caused a stir across the Interwebs because Tarja’s voice is more angelic while Alissa’s is that of a raging demon. Of course the former singer of The Agonist also possesses a stratospheric vocal register and that gets some time in this special single.
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Alissa White-Gluz Signs To Napalm Records

This was some really cool news to see this morning as we’ve been supporters of the talented Alissa White-Gluz since first seeing her with The Agonist destroying the various stages of NYC. I continued this support into her work with Arch Enemy and even the fun side project of Metal Allegiance so hearing about her first ever solo album and a new label signing to give it to us is some truly awesome news. Check out the press release below and then I’ll return with some additional thoughts.

Alissa White-Gluz by Jeremy Saffer
Alissa White-Gluz by Jeremy Saffer

The Press Release:
The global metal scene recognizes Alissa White-Gluz for her unforgettable and inimitable work as the vocalist of iconic metal band Arch Enemy. At this point in her career, the versatile singer has worked steadily in heavy bands for half her life. The impactful frontwoman has cultivated her style and her sound through years of writing, recording, touring, and old fashioned, iron-clad work ethic. Alissa is armed with equal skill and experience, as well as abundant artistic confidence, and is backed by the fact that music lovers all over the world are eager to hear more of her astonishing range. That’s why White-Gluz is doing something new.

It’s an entity dubbed simply “ALISSA” and her brand new solo project has now been worldwide signed by Napalm Records.

First things first – White-Gluz remains firmly installed in her role as the frontwoman of Arch Enemy. That status has not and will not change. “ALISSA” is more of a musical collective, led by White-Gluz and featuring contributions from her wide network of also-talented friends, like an own creative commune with little in the way of rules, regulations, or limits.
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