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“Mario Minor 2” (Single) by Powerglove

Artist: Powerglove
Title: “Mario Minor 2” (Single)
Label: Powerglove Recordings
Release Date: 5/1/2017
Genre: Video Game Metal

While breezing through the Facebook Timelines for information that was NOT political arguments or involving the latest crap that the Kardashians are up to, I discovered that once again the lads in Powerglove had dished out another fancy little ditty as a part of their “Song Of The Month” club. The band has been doing this for a few months now with songs like “Kirby” and “Kraid’s Lair” and now with “Mario Minor 2” are continuing the process of presenting their eventually coming album “Continue”. It’s got a fun graphic as the cover and here are my thoughts on the latest tune.
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“Kraid’s Lair” (Single) by Powerglove

Artist: Powerglove
Title: “Kraid’s Lair”
Label: Powerglove Recordings/Knife Fight Media
Release Date: 3/31/2017
Genre: Video Game Metal
Rating: 4.5/5

Though the wearers of the mighty Powerglove had emerged from their respective basements with another tune yesterday after toiling on the 64 Bit systems that propel their creativity; I felt that there was no better day to discuss the latest single “Kraid’s Lair” than on April Fool’s Day. The song continues the bands plans of issuing a new tune each and every month in their quest to not only please their ardent geek admirers but to also drive website outlets crazy by doing this piecemeal instead of a few at a time. Let’s get down to the brass tacks on this one.
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“Kirby” (Single) by Powerglove

Artist: Powerglove
Title: “Kirby” (Single)
Label: Powerglove Recordings/Knife Fight Media
Release Date: 2/28/2017
Genre: Video Game Metal
Rating: 4/5

The world around us has gotten far too serious and it’s been enough to make The Joker himself scratch his pasty white chin. You know what I’m talking about. The evening news is almost unwatchable and Facebook is a mess and let’s not even get started on what we see happening on Twitter. However the dark is leading us to some measure of light as those who wear “The Glove” are back and have powered up once more to offer us a brand new single with a new instrumental ditty “Kirby”. It’s been far too long between releases from their furious funster’s so I was damned glad to learn it was here and then indulge upon its controller melting melodies.
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The Adventures Of Powerglove @ NY Comic Con 2010

Warning: This blog posting is rated “I.I.” for “Incredibly Immature”.  Now with you all warned and advised we can get down to the business at hand and that is to explore a little deeper into the past weekends adventuring which was the one and only NY Comic Con & Anime Festival.  This massive event which was held at the Javits center over the course of three days will be discussed in full in some future blog narratives so please stay tuned for them.  This particular article is to discuss the appearance of those Video Game Metal maniacs – The Mighty Powerglove who were in attendance at the Con and wreaking havoc at both their own booth and around the exhibition hall of the convention itself.  PiercingMetal.com was covering the convention and spent some time with The Glove and proudly present to you some of the more memorable moments in words and images.

ny comic con, ny comic con 2010, powerglove
The Logo of the Mighty Powerglove

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“Total Pwnage” (re-release) by Powerglove

Artist: Powerglove
Title: “Total Pwnage” (re-release)
Label: Independent Artist
Release Date: 9/2/2008
Genre: Video Game Metal
Rating: 4/5

It seems as though your Folk, Math, Oriental, and Neo-Classical Power Metal have a new ally joining their ranks with the arrival of Video Game Metal and this amusing new genre is served up by a band that calls themselves Powerglove. The bands demo is entitled “Total Pwnage” and its essentially a number of popular video game themes reworked into a Power Metal framework. The CD begins with the themes from Tetris which is oddly enough the only game that I have ever played that the band tinkers with and it’s very interesting to hear as it’s rather well-executed in terms of the musical compositions. The band is a four piece with twin lead guitarists Chris Marchiel and Alex Berkson and finds drumming delivered by Bassil Silver-Hajo. The bass on this demo is done with a session player listed only as Spalding. The production is rather sound for a demo recording which was a nice surprise since its shows that the band is interested in their music making a difference. The guys certainly can play which was a positive and one that might actually make this kind of thing an unexpected hit on a much larger scale. Outside of the themes from Tetris I enjoyed both the Power Rangers and Final Fantasy VII numbers and it’s the kind of recording that you will play a couple of times in sequence since it’s a lot of fun. I wish the band well with this newfangled sound and who knows – they might be on to something here.
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