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Bon Jovi’s “Slippery When Wet” Still Rocking At 30 Years (1986-2016)

There are a LOT of Music Milestones to discuss with you when it comes to 1986 as it was a really great year for the Metal and Hard Rock side of the fence. For me personally I felt that this was an exciting year to be a fan of music because I was heavily into the live music scene and was actively hitting rehearsal spaces with other local musicians to jam out and hopefully secure some gigs. Around this time, I was super into the Hard Rock side more than the eventual more Extreme Metal that I would find myself appreciating and one of the albums I was loving was the third release by New Jersey sons Bon Jovi in “Slippery When Wet”. Today is the thirtieth anniversary of this musical body of work and I have to say that I still love listening to it even after so much time.

bon jovi album cover, slippery when wet
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