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20 Years of “Countdown To Extinction” by Megadeth……

And it would seem that the countdown continues so in some sense I guess that there should be a sigh of relief that we are not yet extinct at all but moving steadily along. Yeah we have the occasional mishap out there but I digress. So can you believe that it has been twenty years since Megadeth first released their “Countdown To Extinction” album? I know that it amazes me, but I will say that I really enjoyed this particular album myself.

Back when this album came out I was finding myself getting more into Megadeth as a Metal fan than I ever had been before. Yeah there were some moments on the debut and I liked the same songs that everyone liked on “Peace Sells” but there was not much that thrilled me on “So Far So Good So What”. It happens. It was not until “Rust In Peace” (1990) that I found them to be a band of preference to me and this was largely based on a friend who ran a radio show in the region and played them all the time. I was also very involved in a Metal band of my own and I reckon that Megadeth was “speaking” to me as a player even though I was a drummer and not a guitar slinger like Mustaine. At the end of the day I guess I was also just leaning more into this brand of Metal based on how it was put together. Faster, more aggressive and making a larger point with its lyrical content. This appreciation really continued to brew when the band delivered “Countdown To Extinction”. I found “Skin O’ My Teeth” to be an energetic tune and “Symphony Of Destruction” would become a live staple that always set the audience off. The views in “Foreclosure Of A Dream” were slightly ahead of their time and when listened to today are speaking volumes about the way we live. This was a powerful album for sure and one who’s message was rather bleak about some societal ills that we find ourselves facing. The playing was also top drawer from Mustaine who had Marty Friedman, Dave Ellefson and Nick Menza as a part of the band at this time.
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Happy 35th Anniversary To KISS “Destroyer”

Isn’t it amazing? I know that it makes my jaw drop when I realize that KISS’ legendary album “Destroyer” is officially 35 years old today. Released on March 15, 1976, “Destroyer” was the fourth KISS studio album and directly followed their seminal “Alive” double album live presentation. I’ve been a KISS fan for a very, very long time and while “Destroyer” is one of my very favorites of their catalog, it was not the first album that I ever purchased. I think that I bought “Alive II” when it first came out at The Record Factory and then ordered a whole bunch of the older studio albums via one of those music clubs where you bought one album at their club price but got five or six albums for a dollar apiece. I don’t remember exactly but I think it was something like that. I digress.
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Celebrating 30 Years Of Judas Priest’s “British Steel”

I think it’s time to use this blog to celebrate some momentous Metal occasions and particularly so when we find an iconic release reaching a big anniversary. With that being said let me start out by wishing Judas Priest a very Happy Anniversary on their album “British Steel” hitting its 30th year of release. Wow. When “British Steel” first came out in April of 1980 I had only been a Judas Priest fan for a few short years. I was already a heavy music fan but I got my Metal education in the bands work thanks to one of my guitar players who had three of their albums and we were listening to them after practice. I was hooked and immediately asked my folks to buy me this new album for my birthday which would be at the end of the month after it hit the record shops. Yes, this writer owned the album on classic vinyl LP at one time.

From the moment that I first played this album I would blast it nice and loud much to the families and neighbors chagrin and as I was just beginning to start out with my interest in drumming I found tunes like “Breaking The Law”, “Living After Midnight”, “Metal Gods” and “Rapid Fire” to be fun ones to work ones chops out to and aim for harder and harder material. Not long after its release many of these tunes became staples of Rock focused radio stations. I realize that the term might elude many of you younger readers but yes at one time Radio ruled the roost and there were Heavy Rock stations that afforded material like this some attention. To me as a Metal fan this is still a completely relevant album that I love listening to from beginning to end. What does it mean to you as a person who claims that this type of sound is of utmost importance to them? Feel free to let us know in the comments but do stick to topic of course.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, a special edition version of the album will be released sometime next month. I’ve read that it will feature a live DVD performance of the album from the recent tour that they did as well. That is pretty cool for them to do. Back in 2006 I started reviewing some of the Judas Priest remasters that had come out in 2001. You can check out that article by clicking HERE. I opted to paste that Amazon.com link below instead of the first remaster since its something that all of you should add to your collection.

Official Website: www.judaspriest.com
Official Album Wikipedia Entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/British_Steel_%28album%29

Twisted Sister’s “Stay Hungry” @ 25 Years (1984-2009)

Let me hear you say “I’m a sick Mutha F**ka”!!!! You readers can respond whenever you feel like it but wow, how about that news – Twisted Sister’s seminal release “Stay Hungry” is now officially a quarter of a century old. I think I best leave it as “twenty five years old” because saying it the other way really starts to make me feel older than I am comfortable with realizing but that being said “Happy Anniversary” to this incredible release.
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