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Understanding PiercingMetal’s Affiliates Programs

The more that I get involved in this little website reporting and photography project the more I am asked as to how I actually keep it afloat without charging people for some of the services that we are continually providing to the reading public. Since I have never been able to determine how effective a website that charges money for what they offer is I merely reply – “primarily through our Affiliate Associations of course”. Based on this statement I wanted to use this particular post on PiercingMetal Musings to explain a little bit about them and how they help me continue to raise the bar on the site that you so often visit. Let’s begin by understanding exactly what an affiliate is.

Q: What is an Affiliate Association?
A: In most cases an Affiliate Association is a relationship with a particular company or provider of a service wherein any sales generated by a person who clicked through an advertisement or link will get the site who linked them to it a modest referral fee. Pretty simple right? One would think so when its explained like that so let’s get a little more detailed on some of the ones we have found working best for PiercingMetal.com

Q: Is bigger really better?
A: I’m sure it is for a lot of things but since we are dealing with the advertising medium let’s keep on that track and say a definitive “yes”. There are many BIG affiliate programs to look into so read on to learn more. How to decide what would be best would be paramount in the process.

When we launched the site we chose to work with affiliates who would offer our readers something they needed, wanted or related to those desires in terms of music, video and clothing. From this initial goal we signed up for an Amazon.com affiliation as well as ones through I-Tunes, Hot Topic, Guitar Center and Rhapsody. The latest addition was Sirius Satellite radio. Below you will find a link for each of the affiliates and we shall also explain them in a little more detail.
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