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Lamb Of God’s Randy Blythe Arrested For Manslaughter??? WTF!!!

Logo - Lamb Of God

Last night I am out and about doing my usual thing and I suddenly see a mess of postings on Facebook that stated how Lamb Of God’s singer Randy Blythe had been arrested in the Czech Republic for manslaughter. If there was any reason to offer up a WTF it would be now. Here is what I have pieced together from the various reliable news sites that are available to The Metal Republic.

Back in 2010 there was apparently an altercation of some kind with a fan. The end result of this reported altercation found the fan succumbing to his injuries and passing away. That is truly terrible stuff to hear happening but what was the root of this altercation many were wondering. Was it outside of a show beforehand, during, or after it was all said and done? Was it in a bar? Who knew at the time. I could not do much research since I was only dealing with the phone for my supply of updates.

I’ve long dealt with the Lamb Of God publicity team of Adrenaline PR and their official statement to the world came early this morning and I have pasted it below for your edification because it brings a lot more about the overall issue to light….Please read on.
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