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DC Comics First Issues Coming March 2017

I’m a day behind in the offering up of the next bunch of first issues for our Comics fans but that’s based on just how much awesome stuff has been happening in our music and geek zones. So here we go just the same with the coolness coming care of DC Comics this month of March. As usual the overview and artwork come from the official DC provided press but not to worry I’ll return at the close to give my two cents. Remember there are numerous concurrently running issues hitting the stands so make sure your collections are staying complete. We only offer up the first issues in these narratives. Here we go.

“Batgirl Annual” #1

BATGIRL ANNUAL #1: Batgirl and Supergirl must team up to break into Arkham Asylum! In this all-new Rebirth annual Batgirl must seek Supergirl’s help to solve a mystery that leads them to the heart of the most insane insane asylum there is! But what they discover—and who they discover—in Arkham will lead to a much, much bigger story!


“Batwoman” #1

BATWOMAN #1: “The Many Arms Of Death” part one! At last—Batwoman is back in her own ongoing series! On the island nation of Coryana, anything goes for members of the criminal underworld…and during her lost years after being drummed out of the military, Kate Kane found a kind of refuge there. But now, a deadly new bioweapon is available in the markets of Coryana, and Batwoman will have to face up to the things she did in those days…and the people she left behind, some of whom would be happier to see her dead than alive! This epic Batwoman story will alter the course of her life forever! This one’s unmissable!

Written by MARGUERITE BENNETT and JAMES TYNION IV; Art and cover by STEVE EPTING; Variant cover by J.G. JONES
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