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“Acts Of Insanity” by Speed\Kill\Hate

Artist: Speed\Kill\Hate
Title: “Acts Of Insanity”
Label: Escapi Music
Release Date: 6/6/2006
Genre: Thrash Metal
Rating: 7/10

Clearly the music scene today is missing some good old-fashioned Thrash Metal. Thanks to the members of Speed\Kill\Hate, fans of the genre that pretty much kicked off a wide variety of styles now have something with a classic sound and vibe to it. Fronted by lead singer Mario Frasca the band drives the point home from the very first track and across the whole record. If slam-dance moshing is up your alley there is definitely a lot of things you can pound your boots to on this one. The members who make up the albums core on the musician side certainly know something about giving the audience a good thrashing; you see they are also part of the band Overkill (a legend in the Metal world on their own). Dave Linsk, Derek Tailer and Tim Mallare handle the guitar, bass and drumming on the recording and their musicianship is pretty solid from top to bottom. Tailer does good on the bass, as in Overkill he is doing guitars to D.D.’s bassmanship. Mallare left Overkill last year while Linsk and Tailer are still recording and touring with the band. They maintain that Speed Kill Hate is not a project band at all yet very simply it is something else that they are involved in musically. At times I felt there was a little too much of the same vibe going on, but its been so long since a solid Thrash record has come along that I could be wrong. Fans who lean towards some aspects of later Pantera, Superjoint Ritual and perhaps Hatebreed will find some amount of pleasure within these tracks. Frasca has a lot of the Anselmo and Jasta qualities that make for a good Thrash lead man. During the listen I felt my head beginning to do the required banging that is sure to hit other listeners when they play this album.
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