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Tom Morello @ Jacob K. Javits Center: NY Comic Con (10/13/2011)

Logo - Tom Morello

Tonight was going to be something special without a doubt for you see this afternoon began the four day stint of this year’s NY Comic Con at the Javits Center and if you were a member of the press, a professional or one of the lucky fans who were able to get the “4 Day Pass”, then you would get to also enjoy a free mini-concert by Tom Morello along with a closing DJ set. This was a great way to close out the myriad of findings if you were a diehard comics and science fiction fan because you would be indulging your senses in the surroundings before the massive crush of humanity would begin moving in on Friday and (gasp) Saturday thanks to your earlier access. The free concert was just some additional icing on the proverbial cake. Now most people know Tom Morello as the former guitarist of Rage Against The Machine and the band Audioslave but many might not be aware at how he still performs regularly using the guise of The Nightwatchman and believe it or not he is also currently penning his own comic book series for Dark Horse Comics. The comic is called “Orchid” and is set in a very bleak future of our world. I breezed through a copy in PDF format before the Con and think a deeper analysis will be forthcoming on the official blog since I periodically do things like that over there. It did seem interesting.
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