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DC Comics Presents: The New 52 “Future’s End” Week One

Hey comic book fans, I’m going to be sharing some of the DC Comics stuff that is coming down the pike for the month of September. Every single issue title will be on hold this month and replaced by an interesting storyline that flings them into the future by a few years. Since new titles will be arriving by the dozen (give or take a copy) each week, I have broken down the solicitations on their respective week. Each edition will have a standard edition 2D cover along with a fantastic lenticular cover. I’ve secured the images of the lenticular covers for the first week and they look awesome. Check out some press from the DC Comics folks and these images.

FUTURES END IS HERE! Welcome to the future – FUTURES END, that is! This September, DC Entertainment takes you five years into the future of DC Comics – The New 52, where the heroes of the DC Universe face challenges unlike anything you’ve ever seen!

dc comics, comic book covers
“Grayson: Future’s End” #1

GRAYSON: FUTURES END #1: Branded a traitor, Dick Grayson has become the most powerful hero in the newly resurgent and dominant Mother Russia – and now, he must battle the Beast from the East in one final struggle for supremacy!

dc comics, comic book covers
“Aquaman: Future’s End” #1

AQUAMAN: FUTURES END #1: Mera has claimed the throne of Atlantis for herself – and she’s sentenced her unfaithful husband, Aquaman, to death!
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