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“Acey Slade & The Dark Party” by Acey Slade & The Dark Party

Artist: Acey Slade & The Dark Party
Title: “Acey Slade & The Dark Party”
Label: PID
Release Date: 2/9/2010
Genre: Glam Rock/Punk Rock
Rating: 4/5

“Acey Slade and The Dark Party” is the eponymously titled latest release by the one and only Acey Slade (known from the likes of Murderdolls, Dope, Trashlight Vision, Wednesday 13 and probably more than I know about) and with it the musician continues to surprise his fans with the level of chameleon that he can be with his artistic expression. It’s important to know right off the bat if you are expecting a Murderdolls or Trashlight vibe that you will be disappointed but if you are fans of seeing how Slade and his band mates are hoping to serve your auditory palate then it will be an interesting exploration. The release begins with a quasi “Twilight Zone” kind of spoken intro that leads you into the sensational “Here Today” track. This tune speaks volumes and plays along the lines of how instant our society has become. You are truly as it sings “here today, gone today” thanks to our instant gratification and forgetting what we just absorbed on our Facebook and Twitter feeds. Up next is “Sugarcum” and it’s a very danceable tune with a vibrant chorus and then a very techno-laden drive is to be found in “Nothing’s Gonna Change”. There is still a deep heavy groove that would make this work in a harder Rock setting but it’s clear that Slade and the guys were bringing a whole new aesthetic to their musical mix. There is a great interplay between Slade and guitarist Andee for sure. There is an almost Bowie-esque brooding during parts of “She Brings Down The Moon” and while this one is more Gothic Hard Rock you can sense that there is a space to be slinky on the dark dance floor if you wanted to.
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