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King Diamond’s “Abigail” Hits Its Thirtieth (1987-2017)

Light the candles in the study as we open the arcane tomes in celebration of King Diamond’s sophomore album as a solo artist with the seminal work “Abigail”. An album that was released thirty years ago on this very day. It was the King’s second outing as I’ve noted but his first full length concept recording. He touched upon his sinister storytelling with “Fatal Portrait” on a few numbers but with “Abigail” a terrible tale was woven across each and every track. You can read more about the whole premise and the finer details down on the official Wikipedia entry as I always include them here.

At the time of the original release I must admit that I was not listening to much that King Diamond was dishing out. I was a very latecomer to Mercyful Fate and while some of their stuff intrigued me back then, I always felt it was a bit much for me and I leaned more towards the building Power Metal genre. It wouldn’t be until King’s “Them” album that I immersed myself more into his work. As I listened to the release once more for its anniversary, it’s amazing to find that it still holds up really well and still sends chills down your spine as the tale plays out. The whole album was written by King but guitarists Andy LaRoque and Michael Denner tossed their talents into a couple of tracks as well. The band was rounded out by bassist Timi Hansen and drummer Mikkey Dee. Andy and Dee would quickly become a lot of aspiring musicians favorites based on their his skillful playing. The King Diamond band was a quick lock for fans of the Mercyful Fate group based on that bands bassist Hansen and guitarist Denner being in the lineup with the King. Let’s take a look at the original track listing and then toss together our favorites.
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King Diamond Unveils “Abigail” Fall Tour 2015

The Mayhem Fest has ended and after some seriously tumultuous commentaries across its run, the one constant was about how great King Diamond was as the second to last performing act. I saw the regional show last weekend and can attest to just how amazing King was sounding. It’s as if he went back in time and a younger self had taken his place or some sinister forces have been spoken to in dark places and given him renewed vigor and stage power in exchange for a few of your paltry souls. With the festival over, it was great to learn that King Diamond would be getting back on the touring circuit in a few short months and delivering one of his most important albums as a solo artst. The one and only “Abigail”. I’ve copied the press release and tour dates for you below along with the poster and then we can discuss it a little bit.

Tour - King Diamond - Fall 2015
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