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Motorhead @ B.B. King Blues Club (5/5/2005)

Logo - Motorhead

Artist: Motorhead
Venue: B.B. King Blues Club – NYC
Opener: Gizmachi & Slunt
Date: 5-5-2005
Label: Sanctuary Records

There is no denying the power or impact that Motorhead has had on heavy rock music over their 30 years of existence. While the lineup has changed in respect to guitars and drums the material has consistently remained as hard as it can be. The cause for this consistency is clearly the work of that Ambassador of music Mister Lemmy Kilmister. So this evening when the Mighty Motorhead invaded B.B. King Blues Club it was sure to be a rocking night. The group was apparently closing out the US tour with this show and it would feature a number of classics as well as some newer numbers from their latest killer release “Inferno”. The stage was filled way past capacity with speakers where normally you don’t see anything. To say that this would be a loud one would be an understatement. The club was packed to capacity once again and stood true to the fact that Motorhead’s appeal did not fade from their fans. The group had only played this same venue a couple of months earlier and as a matter of fact some people I stopped to speak to had attended this other show. I could not believe that the mighty Motorhead was going to be playing here once more and that I was going to witness it in such an intimate space. I loved being on point with photographer Nell to do our thing for the now one month old PiercingMetal.com brand name.

motorhead, motorhead concert photos
Motorhead by Natalia Liaszkiewicz (2005)

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