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My Dying Bride Signs To Nuclear Blast

It seems our friends over at Nuclear Blast Records have signed another powerhouse in the Metal scene with the band My Dying Bride. Check out the press release below.

The Press Release:
For 27 years, MY DYING BRIDE from West Yorkshire have been the voice of the hopeless and broken, combining haunting sounds with crushing misery and melancholy. With their signature sound they’ve shaped the doom metal scene more than any other act, and integrated both soft violin melodies and violent death metal growls into their music, whilst always staying strictly loyal to themselves. Since the early nineties, the band’s masterminds and founding members Andrew Craighan and Aaron Stainthorpe forged beautiful grief into twelve studio albums with songs of epic length.

However for their 13th release, the band is now bound for new horizons and proudly announces their signing to Nuclear Blast Records! Singer and lyricist Aaron Stainthorpe comments:

“It is with great pleasure that MY DYING BRIDE can announce they will be joining forces with the formidable Nuclear Blast Records in early 2017 and have already begun working on material for the next LP and singles. It is no secret that Nuclear Blast have continued to expand greatly over the years, signing epic bands from all corners of the world and giving them the chance they deserve to make something of themselves in the ever-expanding Metal scene. And it’s time that MY DYING BRIDE came along for the ride. We are hoping that this wedding between a very solid label and a well-established act will bear fruit of mighty proportions in the exciting years to come. Cheers!”

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“An Ode To Woe” by My Dying Bride

Artist: My Dying Bride
Title: “An Ode To Woe”
Label: Peaceville Records
Release Date: 6/10/2008
Genre: Doom Metal
Rating: 4/5

Recorded during the tour for their album “A Line of Deathless Kings”; “An Ode To Woe” captures Gothic Doom Metal giants My Dying Bride in concert at their gloomy best. The release comes to us in a deluxe digi-book that delivers not only a stunning audio of the bands performance but also a video of this same show. Since the DVD features one additional song that is not presented on the audio CD I will line out the commentary about the film as opposed to that portion. Filmed in April of 2007, I found that this was a great release because it not only was delivered in short order after its recording but it is also one that makes sure to cover a lot of the bands back catalog. They are a band that I had not been all that exposed to based on their availability in certain regions so a comprehensive live set from them that gives you two products for a reasonable price is not only worth the price of admission, but one that will help educate the listener on the material from their past. If you are one of those listeners who has only their name as reference, then let me inform you about the band a little more. Formed in 1990 by guitarist Andrew Craighan and vocalist Aaron Stainthorpe, together the pair were part of the big three bands that are credited as being founders of the Gothic Doom Metal genre. The other two are Anathema and Paradise Lost. There is a lot to absorb across the thirteen tracks delivered on the DVD film and I am sure that it will send many listeners to their favorite online retailer to order up copies of the bands past works. Favorites of mine included the incredible “Catherine Blake” which was not only a romantic sounding Gothic number, but also one that touched upon some classic Death Metal themes during its middle section. Gothic Doom is a slow and crunching sound that I find easy to be wrapped up inside and enjoying with ease. If you are a fan of the kind of thing that bands like Type-O-Negative did with albums like “Bloody Kisses” and “October Rust” then My Dying Bride has a lot of good to provide to you. Another favorite of mine was “The Cry Of Mankind”, which is an older tune and often named as a classic in their repertoire. A lot of this kind of music has a consistent groove to it and is often slow and the melodies lead to similar chords and ending riffs so it might take the novice fan a couple of turns at it to enjoy it best. I recommend that those who are new to the band take their time with it because it is an interesting road of musical passage.
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