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Steven Wilson Unveils 2016 Winter Tour Dates

Well, December is here and now that this is the case I have to ask you readers if you’ve been good. Have you opened the door for the elderly or held it for the person coming in behind you. Did you clean your plate and eat all the vegetables and essentially been on the positive path for the past year? If not then please close this window or read another post before the Krampus comes but if you have been nicer than usual then it’s my pleasure to share with you the latest news from the Steven Wilson camp as the musician has recently unveiled a week’s worth of tour dates at the close of Winter 2016. Check out the brief statement and poster below then I will return.

Tour - Steven Wilson - 2016

Official Statement:
After the phenomenal success of Steven Wilson’s Hand. Cannot. Erase. tour of North America earlier this year, we are pleased to announce that he will be returning for more live shows in March 2016, along with two shows in Canada.
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