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“Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination” Sampler by Various Artists

Logo - Relapse Records

Relapse Records is the home to some of the heaviest of the heavy when it comes to the world of modern Metal music and the label is currently celebrating their 25th anniversary since being founded by Matthew F. Jacobson in 1990. The world of Extreme music would be treated well and bands such as Suffocation, Nile, Dying Fetus, Obituary and scores more would put out some of their most pivotal works while under this banner. Now onto the fun part. In honor of this bone smashing anniversary, Relapse Records has set up a special download for its supporters that features 184 tunes from across their entire label history. If you are a fan of Death Metal, Thrash Metal, Grind and things that go sludge in the night you are going to want to read further on down this post to learn how to get it. I suggest that you get a fresh cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate before digging into this list since its going to take a little while to get through it and you might want to pause for the occasional “Wow” as you see what is being put up in this download.

1. Mastodon – March Of The Fire Ants 04:25
2. Neurosis – Locust Star 05:48ou
3. Red Fang – Blood Like Cream 03:33
4. Baroness – Take My Bones Away 04:59
5. Torche – Loose Men 02:28
6. Nothing – Bent Nail 02:57
7. Death – Lack of Comprehension (Remaster) 03:43
8. Dying Fetus – Praise The Lord (Opium Of The Masses) 05:31
9. Nile – Sacrifice Unto Sebek 03:02
10. Exhumed – Open The Abscess 03:34 Continue reading “Relapse Records: 25 Years of Contamination” Sampler by Various Artists