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Rush’s Epic Concept “2112” Is Forty Years Old Today (1976-2016)

There have been so many amazing milestones to raise a glass to so far this year and now it’s time to get the Prog out with a quick toast to the fourth album by the legendary Progressive Rock masters Rush and their epic concept album “2112”. As with all of these, the toast is purely my own first impressions of the work since all the super duper detail is so well documented on the Wikipedia entry that I’ve linked below. The history of the album is an interesting one and if you watched the Rush documentary “Beyond The Lighted Stage” they cite that after their “Caress Of Steel” album how they were instructed by the record company to avoid any lengthy tracks since the release barely performed. Figuring it didn’t really matter at that point the delivered a twenty-minute track entitled “2112” which was broken down into seven suites. It would also become the title of the album and with this epic tune the band was on the way to becoming the stuff of legends. The first half of the “2112” album portrayed a Dystopian future for our Earth for that year which is now four years ago at the time of this writing and thanks to the creative stories painted by drummer Neil Peart, it was truly some interesting stuff. The opening “Overture” is a timeless favorite of many a drummer and only the most skilled of their number ever attempt it in public for fear of scrutiny from their peers. I knew 80% of it but never quite the 100% to perfection myself  Let’s take a quick look at the whole track listing and then discuss a little bit more.

Track Listing:
1. “2112” (Overture, The Temples of Syrinx, Discovery, Presentation, Oracle: The Dream, Soliloquy, Grand Finale)
2. A Passage to Bangkok
3. The Twilight Zone
4. Lessons
5. Tears
6.Something for Nothing
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