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“20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection 1 by KISS

Artist: KISS
Title: “Millennium Collection: Best Of KISS v.1”
Label: Mercury/Universal Records
Release Date: 8/5/2003
Genre: Hard Rock
Rating: 5/10

KISS has released a number of Greatest Hits packages in their career and with “The Millennium Collection” series by Mercury/Universal Records you get a standard sampling of some of their best songs. This CD focuses on the years from the 1st album “KISS” to the “Dynasty” album and with only 12 tracks proves to be a real disappointment. The CD only runs about 41 minutes leaving over 35 available that could have been used correctly and given you additional tracks from these particular years. However, this is the record label move as all of the “20th Century Masters: Millennium Collection” editions are limited in the music they give you. It does come with a nice foldout insert that showcases some good photos of the band in full makeup from these years as well as liner notes that also cater to the era by Jeff Kitts. As a KISS fan I end up grabbing every release over time but the limited number and scope of this piece made me wait. Some highlights are of course “Strutter” and other early numbers yet “Hard Luck Woman” could have been omitted for tracks like “Shock Me” or “I Stole Your Love”. These songs had a greater impact on the band musically and should have been represented on this type of piece.
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