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Not only was Toy Fair getting ready to start showcasing its wares to the buyers and press outlets of the world, it was also Fashion Week and with that being the case I could think of no better way to prep myself for the adventures than by hitting a Press Preview session that was showcasing the latest and greatest offerings by I’d be heading to the almost waterfront with my good buddy SkeletonPete to see what they had on hand and everything that I we saw you can too in the images below.

Logo - SuperHeroStuff

I’ll start the tour with some traditional baseball caps and a bicycle helmet that really looked cool. 2015 previews

The Wonder Woman stuff in this photo is awesome especially if you are someone that does WW Cosplay or know an Amazonian Princess in your world and want to make her day. I also loved the super cool Captain America watch. You know readers, I will have a site birthday coming up in case you are feeling on the generous side 🙂 2015 previews

Some cozy Superhero slippers and rain galoshes along with a safety belt sporting the Batman insignia. 2015 previews 2015 previews

I think drinkers of just about anything will want to do so with this classic pint glass featuring what I believe is a Neal Adams depiction of Batman, the Caped Crusader. The Hulk mug was pretty sweet also don’t you think? 2015 previews

Considering that the temperature in NYC right now is “go screw yourself” degrees, one has to think that this Batman protective wear is right on target for keeping your adventures around Gotham all the more healthy. 2015 previews

Loved these new keychains and did have to say that my favorite was the weapon of The Mighty Thor, Mjolnir. 2015 previews

More comfortable slippers and hats to keep your head warm in this brutalizing cold. Man, one has to think that Captain Cold was up to no good out there. Where is The Flash when you need him……sigh. 2015 previews 2015 previews

Now let’s pay some mind to the stuff that is right up the geek girls of the worlds alley. First a scoping shot and then a better close up focus on each of these bits of coolness. 2015 previews

Pretty nice eh? Wait until you see one of these in person or on your favorite Cosplayer. 2015 previews 2015 previews 2015 previews 2015 previews 2015 previews 2015 previews

Now its time to look at some hoodies, mini-dresses and what appeared to be a pair of Batman long johns. Part of me wished that I had a band again because I would so wear something like that to be “out there”. It also looked rather comfortable to zone out on the couch while watching your favorite DC Animated feature. 2015 previews 2015 previews

It’s rather chilly so these socks might be appreciated by the ladies in your life for sure. 2015 previews

Several awesome shirts for both men and women. I liked a lot of the logo shirts and since “Big Bang Theory” these kind of things fly off the shelves. 2015 previews 2015 previews 2015 previews

You will surely be feeling heroic in these DC Comics themed undergarments. Those are Wonder Woman panties and Superman boxer briefs in case you wondered and since these heroes are paired up in the DC Universe, its a nice idea for Geek Couples to make a present of one or both of these to each other. 2015 previews

This was one of my favorite displays from since its the buttons and I love buttons. If you’ve seen me around shows during Comic Con time or in the fall when I sport the denim jacket you might recall that I am generally sporting a few of these kinds of things. Yeah I do mix it up between Metal bands and their logos but also love a good Batman or Superman button and the ever trusty Captain America shield. Which ones do you like from the offerings below? 2015 previews 2015 previews

Here’s Brian Welch the director of marketing for the brand showing off a couple of cool items that I showcased in the images above. 2015 previews

Oh come on, tell me that you don’t want this Chewbacca coat to make your friends walk a little bit further ahead of you. I see this item being a super popular one when the new Star Wars film opens, especially considering that it will happen in December of this year. 2015 previews

Had to take the closing shot of being Metal dramatic with Brian as we proudly showoff some Batman stuff. 2015 previews

Now the easiest way to sate your needs of Geek and Fanboy/Fangirl is by hitting them up on the link below. I know I will be doing that. Many thanks to the fine press team at Domain MSA for the invitation to this wonderful preview and for the hospitality that they showed me.

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