“Super Hero” (Single) by Osaka Popstar

Artist: Osaka Popstar
Title: “Super Hero” (Single)
Label: Misfits Records
Release Date: 1/13/2013
Genre: Pop Punk
Rating: 3/5

Hey if you were wondering what ever happened to that band Osaka Popstar well I am happily able to tell you that they are still active on the scene and releasing the occasional rocking ditty. The backing band here is Marky Ramone, Jerry Only and Dez Cadena so essentially, it’s The Misfits rocking out for the sake of heroic music. Now it’s onto the brief about the latest single called “Super Hero” which came out officially yesterday. The singles cover is an awesome bit of art by Josh Howard who does “Dead @ 17” comics according to what I have read. The lady hero we see looks like she stepped right out of the comics page and onto your CD single.

Singer and founder John Cafiero weaves a quirky tale in this one as the song appears to be about a washed up, down and out super-hero based on what I was hearing. Throughout the tune Caf seems to be trying to convince said hero to take up the mantle once more or get a move on. A little harsh of a viewpoint but I guess I can agree that a super-hero that does no good, really does no good. It’s a very fast paced track and very short and clocks in at just over two minutes. I thought it was good but I did like the full album stuff from a few years ago, a little bit more. At the time of this writing I am unsure of when the next full album will come out or any live dates but when that stuff gets disclosed you can be sure I will talk about it on the website.

Track Listing:
1. Super Hero

Official Website: http://www.osakapopstar.com

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