“Sunless Days” by Beseech

Artist: Beseech
Title: “Sunless Days”
Label: Napalm Records
Release Date: 9/25/2005
Genre: Gothic Metal/Rock
Rating: 8/10

As soon as I began listening to this CD I was convinced that I had found the exact sound that would come about should Type-O-Negative and Evanescence join forces. The band accomplishes this by using strengths that those bands possess and by having both female and male vocals singing in tandem throughout the record. Combined with the often slow and trudging riffs laden with atmospheric keyboards you will find that this works very well and the result across the record is a uniquely moody piece with some catchy songs. I admit that I found more musical similarity to Type-O’s opus “October Rust” than “Fallen” but I don’t want the referencing of these bands to take away from this fine and talented group. The sound of Beseech is very full and this becomes evident very early in your listen. When you discover that the group has seven members in the line up it makes a lot of sense regarding the “big” sound put out. This will have to be the largest group I have ever reviewed that was not symphonic in nature and that did not count classical instrumentation in its roster. On vocals the beautiful Lotta Hoglin brings her talents to the fore and she is continually complimented by Erik Molarin who delivers the male vocal prowess. It is his voice that truly brings the Gothic edge to the piece for it is resonant and deep and generally delivered with emphasis on every song. Keyboards are handled by Mikael Back and they’re all over the record but never over used to the point of saturation. Guitars are both Robert Vintervind and Manne Engstrom; Bass and Drums are Daniel Elofsson and Jonas Stromberg respectively. The band hails from Gothenburg Sweden and it was interesting to see this more Gothic-styled group coming from a land most known for its Power and Black Metal than anything along this vein. It is also great to see musicians not sticking to one particular formula or genre and instead choosing to expand the offerings to a wider range of listener.

There were several tracks that did the trick for me on the CD with “A Bittersweet Tragedy” being the key favorite. It grinds and drones with a melancholy vibe that just catches you in its grasp. “Devil’s Plaything” was a great number and Erik does a great Peter Steele tone for this one. “Everytime I Die” and “The Outpost” mix some nice sounding melodies that will find you bopping your head in approval as you listen. The group also delivers a nice slow number where keyboardist Back truly shines as Hoglin sings of being “Lost”. During this passionate number I felt that she almost sounded like The Gathering’s Anneke. I admit there were a lot of influential flavors all over this album and I think that this is the key reason in my enjoying it the most. Yet influence without sounding like clones is the key strength of the album and I think across the board that fans of those bands like Type-O, Lacuna Coil, and Evanescence should make some room for this new addition to the Gothic Metal family. Their label Napalm Records has been doing a great job of bringing unique talent like this to the US listener so give this one a try as it’s a taste that while reminding you of something you know, is in turn something different and worthwhile. The CD also comes in a special edition with two bonus tracks that I was not presented for the purpose of review.

Track Listing:
1. Innerlane
2. The Outpost
3. A Bittersweet Tragedy
4. Everytime I Die
5. Devil’s Plaything
6. Lost
7. Last Obsession
8. Emotional Decay
9. Restless Dreams
10. The Reversed Mind (Outro)

Official Website: www.Beseech.net

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