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The summer predictions for 2014 based on the Farmer’s Almanac said that we were in for a potentially oppressive level of heat, humidity and all the rest of that unpleasantness that comes along with it and then comes the news about this years Summer Slaughter which will amp it up for sure.

Tour - Summer Slaughter - 2014

For many years, the Summer Slaughter tour has laid waste to the Metal masses and left venues around the country in shambles (figuratively speaking of course) and now for their 8th Annual Event reveal one of the most brutalizing line ups in years. Take a look at who will be wrecking your head for your concert dollar. The full lineup roster will include Morbid Angel, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Thy Art Is Murder, Goatwhore, Origin, Decrepit Birth, Within The Ruins, and Fallujah.

The tour is usually an extreme event but this year’s reveal promises a night of pure and utter devastation. The 8th annual Summer Slaughter Tour is presented by IndieMerchstore and will run from July 17th through August 10th. Two dates have been revealed already and are listed below. When the full run of dates are made available I will either append this post or do a larger broadcast. I’ve covered the Summer Slaughter Tour in the past when it featured headliners such as Black Dahlia Murder, Decapitated and Necrophagist but sadly missed out on the last couple of go rounds based on other commitments. It’s without question that I will be getting myself to this one because the lineup is too brutalizing to do any different. I’ve seen a number of these touring acts and some very recently for that matter during gigs of their own and I can say that the audience does not know that they are in store for with them all teaming up. Irving Plaza is going to be a cauldron of Metal, sweat and circle pits. Check out some quick comments about it from Morbid’s David Vincent and the founder of the event itself. I took these quotes from the official Facebook Page.

David Vincent (vocals/bass) of Morbid Angel states: “Summer Slaughter will be the ultimate, extreme music festival this year and we look forward to headlining this special touring event. It will be great to see our long-time fans and also to expose a new generation to Morbid Angel.”

Ash Avildsen (founder of the Summer Slaughter tour) further states: “Eight years strong. Extreme metal lives! Thank you for keeping the tour alive. See you this Summer.”

Revealed Dates: (More Coming Soon)
7/19 – Los Angeles, CA @ House of Blues
8/08 – New York, NY @ Irving Plaza

So what do you readers think about this one? Are you excited? Will you attend and purchase tickets immediately or will you wait out the first few shows to see how its presented before you make your decision? The comments are open so we can discuss if need be and you can keep up with the plans that each of these bands have for you via their official websites which I linked to below.

Official Websites:
Summmer Slaughter Tour:
Morbid Angel:
Dying Fetus:
The Faceless:
Thy Art Is Murder:
Decrepit Birth:
Within The Ruins:

Here’s some music by these killer bands to stoke your infernal fires a little bit more.

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