“Straight Flush Ghetto” by The Bones

Artist: The Bones
Title: Straight Flush Ghetto
Label: Liquor and Poker
Release: 9/7/2004
Genre: Rock / Rockabilly Revival
Rating: 8/10

Ever have one of those records that just blows you away, makes you want to party and has so many different styles that it’s hard to describe which genre it really is? Well that’s what The Bones “Straight Flush Ghetto” brings to the table. A healthy dose of rock n’ roll, infused with a rockabilly – meets 50s style with punk attitude throughout. The band consists of Spooky (drums and backing vocals), Andi (bass and backing vox), Boner (lead guitars and lead vox), and Beef (lead vox and guitars). The Bones are from Karlskrona, Sweden and have been experiencing success for years in Europe through their previous releases. Only recently have they been introduced through the Liquor and Poker label to be widely available in America.

Each track has something to offer, more like anthems for every drunken rock n’ roller out there, with the trading off of lead vocals each song has a different feel. “Do You Wanna…” invites you along, party, “…fly the finger in the air, ‘cause I just don’t care”, and have a good time because it can be all long gone. The fearless, live it up now, live for the moment attitude whips you into a fury of musical madness. “Railroad Track” is a really fun up tempo song, almost inviting a sing along. There is never a dull moment on this record. As mentioned before the vocals and presentation of each song give you this mix of musical genres. “Bottle Cry Salute” is very different from most tracks on the album, the vocals sounding like old Misfits. This song is very 50s inspired. This band is a fusion of Social Distortion, and the Stray Cats meets Motorhead and the Circle Jerks backstage while they duke it out for the headlining spot on a tour. Half attitude and half blood, sweat, alcohol and guitars, you now have The Bones. An extra to mention on this album too is that this is an enhanced CD which includes the video for “Do You Wanna…”. As the lyrics in “Until I Die” states “I like to drink and gamble, does it make me a fool?! Oh no! I like a rock n’ roll party, all that comes with it too…”, now stop reading, go buy this record, bring your whiskey and come join the rock n’ roll party!

Track Listing:
1. Spit It Out
2. Do You Wanna…
3. Not A Lovesong
4. Half Of Nothing
5. Railroad Track
6. Until I Die
7. Gazoline Business
8. Dog Almighty
9. Viva 13
10. Never
11. The Chevy Devils
12. Troublebound
13. Shut Up, Get Out
14. Bottle Cry Salute
15. Far Beyond Me
16. I Don’t Want You
17. Do You Wanna (multimedia track)

Official Website: http://www.bonesrocknroll.com

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