Stop The Presses! The Village Voice Final Print Edition Is Here!

Fans of the weekly printed page of newspaper known as The Village Voice are going to want to keep their eyes peeled for their official bins and ones such as this unnamed one for copies of the paper this week because believe it or not, the September 20th 2017 issue will be the final edition printed ever.  Inside this nondescript bin resided one single issue of the final edition.

the village voice

The legendary Bob Dylan adorns the cover and is doing a salute.  An appropriate gesture for a “farewell” of this kind.  There is a big kudos section to the past creative staff of the newspaper that I am going to take my time looking through after I publish this narrative.  Sorry I am not planning on scanning or photographing any more pages of this than  I have used for these thoughts.  You should get to hunting since I don’t know how easy this is going to be to find since its not only the last one but its also free of charge and that always gets more people poking around for it.

the village voice

The final issue dated September 20th, 2017 is also listed as being volume LXII which equals “62” in case you were wondering.  The words “Final Edition” were never more true.  The first news paper was published back in 1955 if you didn’t know.  Going forward the web will be your only place to keep up with this resource but don’t go looking for deep historical articles.  According to one of the columns inside this very paper is the disclosure that the archives are NOT digitized at this time.  There is a plan to do that in the future but who knows when that will be at the ready.

the village voice

While an advertisement for a sneaker or something of that kind was on the final papers final page, the second to last page caught my attention since it was aimed at the band KISS who our readers know full well are favorites of ours here at the Metal Command HQ. If you look close enough, the little box in yellow was the advertisement that Gene and Paul had placed in The Voice so many years ago that led guitarist Ace Frehley to their ranks.

the village voice

PiercingMetal Thoughts:  My dad always said “The only constant is change” and he is right once more when it comes to this aspect of mass media.  Truth be told I was not the most avid of readers of The Village Voice over the last few years but I would generally grab a copy if I saw it in my path during my own musical adventures or if I knew of a particular article that I had some interest in.  I can admit that it was helpful for sure at times when I was populating The Events Calendar on this website because they always had some venues that we didn’t exactly follow or know what was happening in.  Seeing performances listed that I knew our readers would benefit from reinforced some expansion of our own calendar and we thank them for that.  I will miss its existence since I knew it served a great purpose to the entertainment scene of the world and the classifieds area served so many different purposes from jobs to musicians for hire to ahem professional services of numerous flavors.  It will be strange seeing other items left stacked up on racks that have The Village Voice name on them until said racks get removed and if you like that sort of thing as decoration you better get to asking for it before they are all snatched up and make it to eBay.  The Village Voice website is the place to go for the content that you were so used to in print, and I guess that will remain online for as long as possible.  Remember that the paper is only going away in its physical form.  I wonder how many of you will be locking that website link onto your favorites for reference.  I don’t generally read “newspapers” online so let’s see what happens with this now online only resource.  What do you readers think about the end of the printed edition?  Please let me know down in the comments section below.

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