“Stoned Council” by Dog Faced Gods

Artist: Dog Faced Gods
Title: “Stoned Council”
Label: Pyramid Records
Release: March 22, 2005
Genre: Alternative Rock
Rating: 4/10

Dog Faced Gods, coming from an Indian reservation in California is the creation of Raymond “Shorty” Galvan (vocals), David “Snakeyez” Torres (guitarist), Fernando “Nando” Gonzales (bass), and Paul Garcia (drums). This is their debut album released on Pyramid Records, and it’s another mix of rap/rock that is less than appealing than a Korn record.

This is nothing short of going to see your local high school’s talent show. Each song has no strong presence, all the same boring mellow sub-par alternative rock. The “council” is definitely “stoned” on this record and perhaps they should lay off the grass before picking up their instruments again. The only song that even had any tempo change to it was the track “Run, Run” which sounded like a sad attempt at copying a Ministry song. The alternative rock combined with the lackluster rap skills is something that has been rehashed many times before and doesn’t need it done again. If you’re into some pretty mellow songs with some mixing of rap, then this is the album for you. They are trying, but I think they need to put some more thought into their next release before unleashing this on the world. This is about as metal as a plastic butter knife.

Track Listing:
1. Desperately
2. Good Life
3. Brings Me Down
4. Earth Is Hell
5. Run, Run
6. Intro
7. Water Pipe Bong
8. But Me
9. Time Is Standing Still
10. Save Me
11. Will I Ever Fit In
12. Stand Alone
13. Simple Man
14. No One Left
15. Stand Alone (Rap Version)

Official Website: http://www.dogfacedgods.com

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