Stone Sour @ Roseland Ballroom (4/6/2007)

Stone Sour is a side-project bands for Slipknot’s Corey Taylor and Jim Root and tonight they would take the stage of a sold out Roseland Ballroom. The show featured Lacuna Coil, Til December and Shadow’s Fall as well but we were only able to snare photos of the main band performing for some reason tonight based on sudden last minute “restrictions” at the venue. To learn more about the show just scroll past the logo below.

Logo - Stone Sour

Artist: Stone Sour
Venue: Roseland Ballroom (New York, NY)
Opener: Shadows Fall, Lacuna Coil
Date: 4/6/2007
Label: Roadrunner Records

While it’s true that Slipknot and their unique style of Metal meets uncontrolled chaos is not for everyone, it also seems true that two of its members have found a way to reach new acolytes with an entirely different band – introducing Stone Sour. The band Stone Sour was actually formed as far back as 1992 by singer Corey Taylor and would eventually feature guitarist Jim Root (who both went on to work together in Slipknot). The band mixes great Hard Rock riffing alongside the more modern Alternative scene and the resulting mix is a lot more refreshing than some of the other bands who claim the Alt-Rock title of today. I wasn’t sure I was hitting this show until the last minute and was glad to be able to do so since it was also going to feature Lacuna Coil, Shadow’s Fall and some newcomers Til December. The scene of the spectacle would be the Roseland Ballroom in NYC, and this venue has not had enough Metal and Rock shows of late so it was nice to see it back at this course of action. As my eyes glanced around the venue, it seemed to be a really solid crowd early on. Granted it wasn’t the massive humanity fest that I found immediately at the Lamb Of God show we recently covered, but the space would fill in as the night got later and the time for Stone Sour drew near. The entire concert tour was another showcase of The Jagermeister Music Tour, a tour that I attended several times when Slayer was headlining the event. It’s really nice to see the changeup to keep things fresh and interesting.

Openers Til December are as yet unsigned but definitely had a competitive edge that worked well within the context of the bands performing. They were excited to be on the stage and from my observation seemed to be keeping the attention of the crowd. Their set was very brief and if it ran some 20 minutes I would be surprised. Lacuna Coil came up next and now the place was really pumping because it seems as though everyone loves the wonderful Cristina Scabbia as she dances and moves across that stage to their unique mix of Hard Rock meets Alt-Gothic. Her vocals are complimented by the male voice of Andrea Ferro and each of them is consistently moving and getting the audience geared up and interested. You gotta love when the group feeds off the crowd as the energy is almost something you can see as well as feel. They would sound tight as hell which I loved and of course be supporting their latest release “Karmacode” and the classic “Comalies” but again there was too limited a time set for them. It seemed just as soon as you were getting into it, that Cristina was thanking you for your support and this was the last song. Oh well, I know they are headlining sometime in May, so perhaps we will get a little more out of it then. Next up would be Shadow’s Fall and these dudes hit the stage like an angry mob to be very honest. I was watching the set from above the general crowd and the floor became a swirling pit. While I have dug their music, I have only seen the band about a handful of times and each instance is a thrilling memory based on the level of intensity that they put forth to you in the audience. Lead singer Brian Fair was in excellent form tonight and the crowd hung on every word that he spoke, screamed and growled. Tonight they would give a little sampling of their new album “Threads Of Life” and this release is their first on their new label Atlantic Records. It sounds a lot like what you would expect of these guys and lucky us has not lost any of their luster or style for the sake of the major label. It’s good that the Metal is being accepted by these massive players once again as opposed to everything sounding like American Idol pap. Fair spoke to the crowd a couple of times and was sure to fit in a hearty “Death To False Metal” right out of the Manowar handbook. Definitely a good time and now it was Stone Sours turn.

Stone Sour released their second album “Come (What) Ever May” some months ago and I really found myself enjoying it. The blend of styles was different and yet familiar plus it was nice to see how adaptable and talented the guys who are part of Slipknot were in their quest to have another type of band to do music with. As they hit the stage I found it weird to be looking at the now unmasked Taylor, who I have only previously seen in his Slipknot regalia and I have to say he is pretty much just one of us. Just a regular dude who loves and delivers music that everyone can find some good in at the end of the day. It was also pretty interesting to hear him singing in a mostly clean vocal style which we don’t get a lot of in Slipknot. James Root was definitely rocking on guitar and keeping the melody fresh tonight and again showing a different side to a player who we had all known in a different guise. Taylor would pretty much remain to the center stage and was bare-chested throughout and he sang his heart out. There are a number of songs by the group that I found instantly infectious and memorable such as “Made Of Scars” and “Through Glass” along with “Sillyworld” and since these were my own favorites, hearing them tonight just made the experience all the better. I had to admit that outside of the album and this show in particular, that Stone Sour was new to me. I only had heard the name in a documentary about Slipknot before those elements of experience so I was amazed and impressed with the level of crowd attendance. It was jam-packed now and there was limited mobility on the floor unless you were moshing, and while only a couple of the bands tunes are actually mosh worthy they all managed to find the place to fit one in. Drumming was handled by Soulfly’s Roy Mayorga and he was kicking behind from a massive Drum Workshop kit that seemed to have percussion pieces everywhere you looked. Definitely one of those drum kits that looks like it’s as fun to play as it is confusing. Mayorga’s presence in the band adds to the “All Star” lineup roster. Shawn Economaki has been involved with the group since their inception and Josh Rand since about 2000. At one point in the night the stage found Taylor alone with a guitar as he sang some acoustic numbers and had the audience join him. He closed out with some riffs from “Sweet Home Alabama” and said something to the effect of “when there is Lynryd Skynyrd music everything just seems alright” – I tend to agree with him on that one.

Towards the end of the bands set they were presented with a Gold Record for the album “Come (What) ever May”. That had to feel good to achieve such status after only a few months of an album actually hitting the audience that you are aiming for. The crowd exploded in applause for them on the accomplishment and with shows like this one and appearances on “Family Values” and whatever may follow I am sure that this is not the last we have seen of the band.

Photo Notes: I was only allowed to shoot photos of Stone Sour tonight and I don’t know what made this be the case so sorry about no Lacuna Coils and Shadows Fall for you to enjoy.

Set List:
1. 30-30/150
2. Come What(ever) May
3. Take a Number
4. Made of Scars
5. Reborn
6. Inhale
7. Your God
8. Monolith
9. Sillyworld
10. Bother
11. Through Glass
12. Blotter
13. Tumult
14. Hell & Consequences
15. Get Inside

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